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10 Top Turn-Offs by Guys That All Girls Despise

Updated on May 22, 2020

Look at this guy. Notice his fly is open

And look at the pretty girl. She has her back turned to him. Shouldn't that say something to guys who don't check their pants before going out in public?
And look at the pretty girl. She has her back turned to him. Shouldn't that say something to guys who don't check their pants before going out in public? | Source

Each time that I hear the term, “loser,” used by a group of young women, I am painfully-reminded of “why” these hot, pretty girls are prone to saying this humiliating and derogatory term.

Actually there are 10 reasons that leap to mind as to why the term “loser” is used when it is used to describe certain guys, because it fits.

Shame. And sad. If you are this guy who is adorned with the “loser” tag. Nothing seems to work-out. Things mysteriously go wrong, things that for years have “worked like a charm” for you, now just disintegrate.

The “loser” guy gets turned-down for a great job even when his favorite uncle was the man in charge of hiring. This “loser” gets asked, well, told to leave a public wi-fi, coffee hang-out for no reason.

And the list of disturbing, sad things just keeps getting longer. And longer.

“If,” and I remorsefully-say, “if,” this “loser” and his “loser” friends had only stopped and logged onto HubPages and read “this” story, this self-improvement hub for single guys, then they would be wearing (with pride) the tag, “winner,” “stud,” and the proverbial, time-tested label for a “ladies man,” a “man about town.”

Hey, “loser” guy, take it from an ex-loser, there are things that hot girls hate with a passion. And hate during bouts of unbridled passion with you.

Girls are the only species who can experience unmeasurable levels of passion while still hating “some” things about you in the process.

These are little things. Things that you wouldn’t normally associate with the term, “turn-off,” but they are. Believe me, they are most-assuredly, a “turn-off” in the worst definition of the term.

I am only going to talk about my “ Top 10 Turn-off’s (by Guys) That All Girls Despise,” because of time restraints and that I do not have a week’s time to put “all” of the male turn-off’s into one hub.

FLY OPEN - only Sean Connery, Brad Pitt or Usher could get away with this male-blunder. For average guys like us, girls find a guy’s fly open as a signal that they, the girl, is “easy” and will submit to the guy with the open fly before the night is over. Guys, “before” you leave on a date, check your fly at least three times. And in the restaurant or club, when you have to visit the men’s room, “before” you get back to your “honey,” check your fly three times. I like to call this my “Three Fly Rule,” and it works every time.

NASTY TEETH - just as with the fly open being a turn-off for hot girls, this one just might be a tad worse. Nothing says, “I don’t know what dental hygiene means,” more than a guy gabbing his head off during dinner and “not” taking time to check his teeth. Make time, friend. You will thank me later when that super-hot hottie you are with says, “call me,” when you leave her place the next morning. After breakfast.

NO SOCKS - on a formal date. Really? Yes, really. Even in this casual, lax society, most girls appreciate a guy who shaves (see hub, “For God’s Sake, Shave Already), wears socks, and checks his fly and teeth regularly. Do you think that when you sit down on her loveseat to chat before you to out, and cross your legs exposing coarse leg hair that you are going “to get lucky?” If you need me to answer this for you, you are in bad shape.

BAD BREATH - simple, but lethal can only describe this innocent little turn-off. Hot girls despise a man with breath that reeks of gasoline, last night’s chili or the hamburger he had for lunch today. Invest three bucks and get a pack or two of Dentyne gum or breath spray. Your hot date will love you for it. And I mean love you. She will even brag to her hot girlfriends how good your breath smells.

GERM-INFESTED HANDS - can only come from “not” washing your hands, guys. Yes, when you visit the men’s room, “always” wash-up before exiting. No matter what your “business” was. Wash-up. And dry those hands. You don’t want to go back to the table and advertise to your sexy, hot date, “uhh, I just used the men’s room.”

Guys, "this" could be you

the donkey, not the girl, who has broken one of these 10 things that guys do that girls despise.
the donkey, not the girl, who has broken one of these 10 things that guys do that girls despise. | Source

PUBLIC SCRATCHING - and I do mean NOT scratch your “privates,” men. Under no circumstance. No matter how much you are suffering. Say “no” to scratching. Although you are not a “ladies man,” if your sexy girlfriend sees you with your hand (up to your elbow) in your pants scratching like you had fleas, well, fire-up the car. You will be taking your girlfriend home. Scratching says, “I have crabs, VD, or some other STD I caught from a hooker last week,” and no amount of explaining or apologizing will help you. Get a doctor to check you out “if” you are a “ladies man.” Respect your date. Get a check-up regularly.

SPITTING - is a normal thing for all guys. Watch any pro-baseball game. Even with guys who do not chew tobacco, they spit for some unknown reason. It shows masculinity, I guess. But on a date with a hot babe, it means you get to hear, “ewwwww,” from her pretty, pouty lips and a scornful-look to boot. And the man who is thoughtless enough to spit openly in a crowded restaurant deserves to be called a “loser.” Even a man who is trying to hard will get further with a pretty girl because he doesn’t spit.

PASSING GAS - is a definite no, no. Unless the girl is from a redneck heritage and passes gas with you. Just don’t pass pass, fellas. It’s a grotesque habit and is considered juvenile.

OFF-COLOR SEX-RELATED LINES - too soon with a new girlfriend or date is like tossing a match into an Exxon gasoline refinery. Sure, girls love to be courted and flirted with, but every other thing out of your mouth being, “that’s what she said,” will wear thin in a hurry. Example: Waiter: Miss, are you ready to order? Your Date: Yes, I’d like this big piece of meat,” YOU: (laughing) that’s what she said,” both your hot date and the waiter will look at you as if you are a fool. And you are if you use this line on your date most of the night.

MAKING EARLY PASSES - with your model-like date is stupid. “but Kenneth,” you squawk. “all girls like for guys to try dangerous things with them,” you argue. Really? You mean when you are slow-dancing and you try to lift-up her dress, or try to unhook her bra. Yeah, real sexy, stupid. If you have this raging-desire to see your pretty girlfriend “storm-out” of the club, just do these two ignorant things. The day of guys “taking charge” of the ladies has long gone and the “day of respect” for ladies everywhere has taken its place. Get with the program or be known as a “loser” for the remainder of your natural life.

And, as a FREE Bonus, no charge, no strings attached, I am going to GIVE you the following “Ways to Know that You Have Committed One of These 10 Guy Turn-off’s.”

If you actually do one of these 10 things that all girls hate . . .
your hot, super-sexy date will . . .

IMMEDIATELY let-out a gasp of disgust as to say, “I cannot believe that this ogre did that atrocious thing in public.”

LOOK DOWN at her lap, the top of the table, wipe her pretty red lips and delicately say, “uh, would you please take me home. I have this terrible headache.”

HALFWAY GRIN at other disgusted patrons who share her shame at “you” being so unthoughtful toward her feelings.

HEAD TO THE LADIES ROOM with the female of the couple who is, for now, double-dating with you if you break one of these “no, no’s.” Like clockwork, your date instinctually knows that the longer she stays in sight of you, other people will automatically think that she is like you and very insensitive of proper social behavior.
And lastly . . .she will

GLARE AT YOU so intense that if you were a piece of steel, you would be cut half into with the heat from her torch-like eyes.

Now, with this priceless information, potential “loser” guys, you have no excuse now as to not know how to act in public with your hot, sexy girlfriend. No excuse at all.

But we are all imperfect and one day, or night, you will, without thinking, break one of these 10 horrible turn-off’s and when you do, don’t go on and on about it.

Just politely apologize on your hands and knees while shedding tears of remorse and your hot date will gladly forgive you and allow you to call her again.

If not, then this hub has been in vain.

God forbid.

This is a vulgar-mannered guy

just look at his nasty teeth. If you were a girl on a date with him, wouldn't this nasty act turn you off? Huh?
just look at his nasty teeth. If you were a girl on a date with him, wouldn't this nasty act turn you off? Huh? | Source

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