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My Wife And I Question Why ?

Updated on August 9, 2011

When We Don't Have The Answers

We look to each other and both shrug our shoulders and say

I don't know

Why the mouse won't work

It has to be the batteries

Looking around for two replacements is not easy

There is always one when you need two

I can hear her curse

I don't know why

O.k. neither do I

Let's think of a logical explanation

It worked earlier and now it doesn't

Your a genious why didn't I think of that

Now we don't need any sarcacism to add to the frustration

Well if it doesn't work we can't do anything

Tell me something I don't know

Did you find two batteries yet

If I did you woud have them already

I looked under where we keep the batteries

I found some

All different ones but not double AA ones that I need

Rechargable ones they will work

If they are charged ?

Only one way to find out

How can you check them

We have a battery tester

Where is it I don't know ?

When did we use it last ?

I don't know

I am still trying to figure out if that is the problem

I know you think I know the answer but I don't

I am going to try to shut the computer down

Maybe that will work

Sometimes when we loose power the computer doesn't work


I don't know

I am just trying to throw out solutions and maybe one will be right

Shutting off the computer didn't work

The mouse is wireless and could you please check the connections

Of course it didn't take all but ten seconds to pull out the file cabnet to take a look behind there

Our wonderful adorable cat had to see and stick her nose in

C H A R L E T T E !!!! Get out of there

Now she is just being a cat you can't blame her for that

I want to get done

I do too but what can I do

Look way in the back of the computer make sure all wires are in tight

We have this wire and it is like a receiver for the signal

It is not working as she shakes the keyboard and squeezes it tight

Now that is no way to act

Isn't there someone we can ask for help ?

No because all they going to say it's the mouse and buy a new one

The mouse is still frozen and in just a few seconds it feels like the ice age has passed over

I got a chill that would make Stephen King shake

Don't we have a new mouse still in the package

I said with a smile

One with a cord we didn't use because we were using the wireless one instead

Now see where this wire connects ?

Wait a minute

I can't see it

I have to get a flashlight

Honey where is the flashlight ?

Great what else could go wrong

Never mind I found it

Just pull this cord out because we won't need it

It goes with the wireless mouse

Now we don't need the batteries anyway

Just plug this cord in from the mouse in an open usb port

It lights up a sparkly pink real wild looking

I think I surprised her with it and we never used it

Now look on the bright side we are using it

But it still doesn't work

Wait the computer is recognizing the signal now

Maybe it needs time to connect with it

Why don't we go out and come back later and give you time to think

Oh so someone is going to come in the house and make it work

I don't get it

It should work

The mouse lights up and the computer is working but we still cannot type

Then she realized her mistake

Plug the receiver back in

Now we can type

You think she will admit she made a mistake

Not a chance

I didn't have a clue either way

So we are just going to pretend all this didn't happen

Thanks honey and the computer is working fine

The mouse is smaller and it is real sharp

My wife in the other room heard me but didn't answer

It is amazing how the littlest things can cause the biggest problems

Well back on the computer just mousing away

All I can say this mouse is my new best friend


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Ghost32 I should of been a friend and saved you from the torture.But instead misery loves company and thanks for sharing my headaches and heartaches.All ended well some how the computer is working again, until next time.Prektjr.dc Boy sometimes the arguement can get pretty heated.I try to look on the bright side and she sees reality.It Is not working and she lets me know it every second!!!Moiragallaga You hit the nail right on the head.So Now I have hundred more hubs to right.I better get crackin.I want to thank everyone with great apppreciation and joy.

    • moiragallaga profile image

      Moira Garcia Gallaga 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      Voted up and funny. These wireless contraptions, like the mouse and keyboard, it's very convenient but also provides pretty good material to write about when it starts "acting up"

    • prektjr.dc profile image

      Debbie Carey 6 years ago from Riverton, KS, USA

      Absolutely hilarious!! I loved it! It sounds like me and my husband in a "situation"! Voted up and funny! Good job!

    • profile image

      Ghost32 6 years ago

      ROFLAO! You hooked me and dragged me right through the entire thing from the very first line like a cursor energized by a (working!) mouse!

      Had to get out the flashlight (which was within reach, since we live off grid and don't turn on the power 24/7) to see if the mouse I'm using is wireless or--

      Nope! Wired!

      Voted up and lots of buttons.