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Enemy turns to Best Friend

Updated on September 1, 2015


What is Best Friend?

Best friend is like family. Despite your relationship, they keep you as one of their family as a sister or brother or special friend.


- Person who will always there for you.

- Person who will say harsh word if you are wrong.

- They will give you an advice which they know is right.

-And lastly, they are also a good listener even it’s a meaningless/nonsense thing


Losing your Best friend is the worse

- Losing your friend hurts and you won't be the same again.

- You will act that you didn't know them.

- You will not easy to get best friend. Because you losing your trust.


"Our mouth is our pen, and there ear is our paper."

They seem like our diary, which is always there for us. There’s instances they will listen and not to speak even they wanted to comment back. They will stay listen, because they wanted to know our story, and the best thing is to give you a peace of mind and good feeling because someone stay there for you.

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Quotation from Nancy Dreyfus
Quotation from Nancy Dreyfus

How not to lose your Best friend

  • Feelings- know her side or feelings.
  • Listen- they not always who will listen to you, you must listen to them also. Give and Take.
  • Calm down-If both of you has a problem, you must talk about it. But the atmosphere should be calm down.
  • Give some time and space- It's like lover quarrel, but for me, losing your best friend is more worse.
  • Don't Give up- If both of you has a pride, I can say your friendship will end.
  • Don't insult to much- Sometimes we talk a harsh word to them but it's just like joking. Don't say any words that can hurt them,especially if it is below the belt.
  • Don't be inconsiderate and try to understand. Not all the time they are always for us. They also have their own life. One of the example is you invited her to go somewhere or anything and they reject your invitation. Don't be angry.

Story: My enemy turns to Best Friend

I want to share my story with my friend. Well it's been a long time

We were not calling each other as best friend. Even some of my friend and her friend called us best friend. For us, we don't care about the title. It's just a title, there's lot of person who says that they are best friend even they are not. They call each other as best friend because they are close.

II. When we both young

We met at 3rd grade school. Both of us have a same school service and we are classmate. We have a lot of differences in attitude, that time I'am quiet and she is really noisy. We stayed being classmate since grade 6. Both of us are active in school activities like dancing, quiz bee and other more. We became friend, we are group in 6 person all of us are girl.

There's instances our group is fighting for a non-sense thing. I really don't know what is the reason, but we actually fighting not in physical, but emotional and psychological aspects. Well, kids are immature, a simple things became big.

example: One of us accidentally touch each other or even their things. They actually say "eeww.Germs."

I think, thrice a month we have friendship problem. Sometimes, we don't talk each other for a week. And the principal noticed it they called us and talk and write on their log book about that fight.

We cried that time. I still remember it because It was epic. After visiting principal office, we go to room and cried then all my classmate teased us (Boys) and they are singing METEOR GARDEN themesong. (It's taiwan/korean movies famous that time.)

(there are lot of misunderstanding happens, that was not end)

III. Separate School

After we graduated at sixth grade. We went in different school. And yes, we loss are communication.

After three years, by using social sites like friendster and facebook, we contacted each other and we meet again. At first, we're both shy and sometimes we don't talk to much. But in the end of the day, when we feel comfortable, we go to mall, park, eat , chit chat and play some fun games. After that, we don't see to much but we're still contact each other by using facebook.

There's instances we talked about the past and we will laugh about it. How immature we are before. How our friendship stay and we reminisce also our other classmate and the zombie play time and other more.

When we go to college, we meet again continuously as long we both have a time. We visited each other, even our school is in both separate ways. We waited each other in a mall. We helped each other especially in her project. (we're not on the same field.) Were both open about our other friends. I met her friend and she met also my friend. Sometimes we go out with my friends.

And now our friendship is still exist. We travel, we hang out and do many things.


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