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My Body Is My Choice

Updated on March 14, 2020
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In Pakistan, women have begun to consider themselves equal to men, but Islam has allowed men to dominate women

The reason for writing this article

On March 8, 2020, People were celebrating Women's Day all over the world, but in some cities in Pakistan, women made this day against Shariah or they wanted to protest and they called their protest name "my body is my choice" and they wrote bad words on posters or on the charts which is totally against the Shariah.In Pakistan, women have the right to protest. They can fight for their rights. They can protest positively. But it is wrong to protest on posters or by writing words that are against Sharia.

The title of this protest is that "my body wanted me to do what they thought" was wrong

I think this protest of women was the title of my body My wish was totally wrong because Islam does not allow you to use your body as a custom. Yes, Islam is what men are all about. And giving equal rights to every human being.And yes Islam allows you to customize your marriage perfectly whether you are rich or poor.But running your own body in the custom is totally wrong.This means that your body can now use it any way you want.I think not only Islam but any country or any religion does not allow a woman to use her body as her own.First of all, in Pakistan, women are getting all the rights, even if they protest, then why did they keep this title so they could keep that title? My marriage is my choice.This is totally against the law.Morality does not give any woman the right to do such a thing.

Message for Women

Women are also a creature of Allah, just as men have rights, so women have rights and just as men can do everything, so women can do everything but separate for men is less for women. So this is a message to my sisters that they should do their job. Men can do the work of men. Women can do the work of women.Yes, it is certain that a man can do the work of a woman and a woman can do it, because God has this ability in every human being.There are also some things that only a woman can do and some that only men can do.So every human being should believe in Allah Almighty and be thankful for what God has created him.

The woman has all the rights, she can do whatever she wants, but within the realm of Islam and according to the law.Women have the right to customize their marriage. They can study at school and college. If they want to become something in their life, they can be and they can. It says that my body is against my law, it is against the law.

The importance of family life

Man spends his entire life in his family from birth to death. Family members are linked to each other because of various relationships. Human civilization has originated from the family system and it is essential for its survival as well. Family is the main ingredient of society and the effects of society on the family also have a positive impact on the family if the society is prosperous and Islamic life will have a good impact on the family. Allah says in the Holy Book:

Believers pray to Allah, "Our Lord, grant us the comfort of our eyes from our wives and children and make us the leader of the righteous."

Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said:

"Marriage is my Sunnah, the one who denies it is not from me".

In this way the marriage provides the legitimate basis of a family life between couples, each partner is sad and relieved, and both are helpful to each other in solving problems. And the ability to pick and use one with mental abilities makes it easy.

Mutual rights of spouses

In the Quran, Allah says (interpretation of the meaning):

Women have the right, as is the right of men.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Better is he who is good with his wife...

A Companion asked the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) what rights a wife has over her husband.The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that he should feed herself as he eats, he should clothe her as he wearing,don't slap on her mouth and don't call it bad.

Allah has made the virtues of virtuous wives in the Quran, then the women who are good and obedient keep guarding behind their husbands.

Rights of women in Islam

Islam is strictly commanded to treat women well and to have good morals. It is commanded to be gentle to women as well. No man can slap or kill a woman. I cannot raise my hand so that if the husband has children, then the wife will have a share in the inheritance. The husband is allowed to consult with his parents and wife before doing any work and to consult the wife a good thing.The husband should provide good food and good clothes to his wife...


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