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My man is like a Maple tree...

Updated on June 18, 2009

My man is like a Maple tree


In the summer, trees are in their full glory.  They stand proudly and wave their luscious boughs.  They provide ample covering from the heat, rain and wind.  They host families of creatures that provide us with entertainment throughout the day.  They stretch to the sky, like a if nothing will stand in their way.  I like to imagine that my soul mate…the man that I grow old with, could be envisioned as a timber growing old with me in the country some day.  That each time I look at him, and he look at me, we see the beauty in each other that can only occur through trials and tribulations met together.  Nothing lost is nothing gained.  It is through working through the difficult times that I have seen the most successful relationships arise. 


My man is like the mighty Maple.




He grabs me tenderly, but firmly

with his branches

and whispers like the wind

into my ear.

Some of his exterior is weathered and rough

but the brilliance that shines from within him

covers me with fire red, bright orange and soothing green.

I shimmy up and down on his trunk

and he fills me with sweet sap.

His love is strong and withstands

any storm or precipitation

that comes our way.

I love my tree.

He gives to me

all the gifts

that make him the magnificent entity he is.

I thank God for my tree.

I will care for him and nurture the growth between us.

Feeding, watering and loving my tree.

Our love will continue to grow

as each new day brings some different facet

to our bond together.

I anticipate and am ready for the journey.


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