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Nagging Can Destroy Your Marriage

Updated on July 2, 2016

Nagging Wife

Nagging Can Destroy Your Marriage

Many authors have defined nagging in different ways. Meanwhile, Encarta English Dictionary defined nagging in three ways; 1. Asking somebody persistently and annoyingly to do something; 2. Always finding fault with somebody regularly and repeatedly; and lastly 3. To be a persistent cause of discomfort, anxiety, or unease to somebody. Question I keep asking myself is that, is nagging associated with women because they like to express themselves through talking? Women expresses themselves through speaking out their mind, but most times it is branded as nagging meanwhile women cannot help expressing themselves when they are burdened by something.

There are lots of things that incites Women to start talking, things like spouses or husband keeping late at night or when they are not giving them the desired attention. Hence, the next option is to complain, and complain matured to nagging, and nagging graduates to being troublesome in their homes. Though it's frustrating when your husband keep coming home very late at nigh, notwithstanding nagging is not the best option because it could worsen the situation, which will not be healthy for your intimate relationship with each other.

There was this woman, her sweet, caring and loving husband suddenly turned to a drunker and keep late at night. The frustrated woman resorted to nagging, to the extent she start calling her husband names “useless man, stupid man” bla bla bla and yet there was no change instead he now turned her into punching bag. This woman became more frustrated, there was no peace in their home, she has gone to their relatives whether they would talk sense into her husband to no avail, rather she would receive more beating “so you have the gut to go and discuss my issues with people, useless woman” her husband shouted at her. If he said ten words that were how many blows the woman received.

Apparently, the woman went to a native doctor as one of her friend advised her and when she got there, she explained her predicament to him. "Please I need a charm which will make my husband to love me the way he does before his sudden change of attitude". The native doctor listened with interest until she ended her appeal after which he gave her one substance in a liquid form, which he put inside a small plastic container and instructed her on how and when to use it for effective result. “Whenever your husband comes home very late as usual, greet him and immediately he enters the house, quickly run inside your room and sip a little from this container and hold it in your mouth, do not swallow it yet and do not say a word to him either. Make sure the rooms were properly taken care of, do the laundry, serve his food, and put water in the bathroom for him to take his bath afterwards you can swallow the liquid in your mouth. And any day he demands to make love to you do not hesitate and finally make sure your hair-do is the style he appreciates and remember to put on sexy dress. After two weeks interval come back and tell me the result and his reactions” the native doctor instructed.

Nagging can destroy your marriage

Woman sipping the magic water
Woman sipping the magic water | Source

Meanwhile, the desperate woman listened keenly and did as she was instructed by the native doctor. After a week interval, her husband became confused and started wondering, “how come this woman suddenly stop stalking me and does things she stopped doing long ago?” With remorse and guilty conscience the man knelt down before his wife and begged her for forgiveness for beating her up and other bad things he did to her. The woman who was eagerly waiting for her lost husband to come back to his senses cried aloud while he was begging her on his kneels. And afterwards they became lovers again; the intimacy grew stronger and stronger, the yoke has been broken. Neighbours where amazed because they did not know what intrude between them that aroused the sudden affection towards each other like a newly wedded couple. This happy woman could not wait till two weeks before she ran back to the native doctor to testify and when she got there, she started thanking him for saving her marriage. “My dear daughter, you should understand something” The native doctor said “the problem in your marriage was not fully your fault but the way you handle the situation was wrong” he pointed out, the woman looked at him with surprise written all over her face “I did not prepare any charm for you” the man continued. “What I gave you was ordinary water” the man affirmed, and after he gave her some piece of advice this woman went home crying for joy and as well felt remorse for how poorly she handled the problem by nagging that lead to its escalating to the level it got to, which nearly destroy her marriage.

Nagging can destroy your marriage.

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Nagging wife

Where She got it wrong

- She Complain all the time without giving her husband a breathing space.

- Her dressing sense was zero, you know most women tend to stop dressing sexy almost immediately they got married. Remember men are moved by what they see, what if he was attracted to you because of your sexy dressing? And now that you are married, anything goes remember you might be pushing your spouse outside without knowing it. In the case of the woman in this article, one of the problem is that she does not dress attractively anymore, though her husband should have told her but some men does not know how to communicate and it could be difficult since the woman would not know when she is going against her husband's wish. Through communication, any issue can be resolved in the course of dialogue between the parties involved.

You can learn from this woman whether you are the nagging type or you have just found out some funny habits exhibited by your spouse, it might be drinking, keeping secret affairs etc. You can handle him with love and respect, although it is not always easy. Just take care of him the way you would take care of yourself, for example, when you form a bad habit, do you kill your self? The answer is No, you only pray to God for the grace to change. Do likewise, pray for him to change and I know that God will strengthen and also give you the ability to endure till he changes because if you eventually divorce him/her, one day you will still want to get married and remember there is no perfect man or woman out there, everybody has one fault or the other therefore try as much as you can to maintain the intimacy, learn to forgive your spouse and let your love for each other grow as days goes by and keep the fire which started the relationship burning in so doing your marriage will be the best in the whole world.

Happy Couple



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  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Siva thank you very much. You know, I really appreciate your honest contribution, I wrote a hub 'Nagging wife and sloppy husband' and I am sure that majority of men will see it and ignore it because it doesn't go down well with them. The hub is about what men do to women which are similar to nagging. I believe that before you see a responsible woman nagging, be sure that her husband is what I called 'Sloppy husband.'

    Just like you said:

    "there are men who like giving their wives that silent treatment which are worse than nagging."

    Thank you for stopping by.

  • Siva222 profile image

    Chandrashekhar Siva 2 years ago from Chennai

    Wonderful article.. but frankly speaking it is not always the women who are guilty of nagging. There are many men who have the art of nagging their wives too. Trust me i have seen many in my life. Also there are men who love giving their wives that silent treatment which is worse than nagging.

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Lol... I must confess that you are a wonderful husband and a patience one at that, its all about understanding. If you understand her, you would be a happy man because if she is happy, you too would be happy. Thanks for reading, for your lovely feedback and for the follow, I appreciate all.

  • Ericdierker profile image

    Eric Dierker 2 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

    A wonderful article. I just came by to follow you and this one caught my eye. I suppose you could say that my wife likes to nag at me. I think it helps her to relieve tension and get things off her chest. If I let her do it long enough she runs out of steam and then we can have a nice conversation about something important.

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 2 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Empathy is good, it will help you to understand what the other person is going through. Also having regular decent communication with your partner is the best way to go in order for your relationship to survive.

  • Jennifer Espina profile image

    Jennifer Espina 2 years ago from Bicol Philippines

    Very nice advice! May I add that we should practice empathy. When I try to understand my husband in the light of what I've learned from putting myself into his shoes, my nagging attitude was lessened. When I start to realize that nagging can shortened others lives, I begin to sympathize. Thanks for this post.

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Thanks a lot @Casey White

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 4 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    You know we women we good when it comes to expressing our mind and when its not controled.... it becomes nagging. thanks for your comment

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 4 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    thanks Casey, I appreciate your comment.

  • DDE profile image

    Devika Primić 5 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Interesting of how complaining can become the nagging factor and mostly women are blamed for such aspects. Men are nagging but in teir own ways and don't admit to it either. Nicely written.

  • ldeschambault profile image

    ldeschambault 6 years ago

    Hi Casey, I concur :-)

  • Benny01 profile image

    Ijeoma Peter 6 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Thanks Casey for stopping by to read my hub,I understand what you mean, lol.

  • Casey White profile image

    Mike and Dorothy McKenney 6 years ago from United States

    You are aware, aren't you, that nagging MEN ruin just as many marriages. I know from which I I'll be following you and voted you up.