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Nailing the Perfect First Date - And Get Her to Ask You For a Second!

Updated on November 10, 2009

Dates are created to make our lives far from dull and boring, but the sad part is, not all of us enjoy this experience every well. In fact, most of us probably swore off dating because things got a little messed up and all or things didn't go according to plan and we forever locked the world out of sight from then on. Come on, one little slip should not be enough to spend the rest of your life alone right? Dating is fun and exciting --- you probably just need to relax a little bit. Now, we have a mission --- how to start nailing the perfect date at last! Here are the top tips and who knows, you might just score that second big date without much of a sweat!

Don't be too nervous. Being too anxious and jumpy always mess things up that's why it's important you take a couple of deep breaths before you saunter towards your table --- relax. Put in your head that you're actually on a date where you're supposed to have a good time and enjoy the moment you spend together. Of course, that's not really that hard to do, right?

Don't be late. Punctuality may be overrated for you and you can possibly come up with a million reasons why you're late but truth of the matter is, when you show up on time (or earlier than her) you've already built a very good impression on her. She loves it when a man knows that her time is valuable.

Amaze her with your humor. A funny guy always wins the heart of even toughest ladies --- these men seem to have a spell cast on each woman he lays his eyes upon and each time he cracks a joke or display his undeniable charm and sharp wits, everyone just starts to be drawn to him in an instant.

Enjoy the meal. Go ahead and chew. Taste the food, enjoy your drink, pause and have a conversation. We don't want anyone having indigestion during a date, right? Take time to appreciate the surroundings as well, the soft music playing on the background, even the weather. It can help you be more relaxed.

Take her somewhere romantic. Right after dinner, don't just go straight home or offer to take her home. There's no script, is there? If you're still enjoying each other's company, why not take a walk by the beach, have stargazing or go to your local pub for just a few drinks --- that could keep things more interesting.

Do you still wonder how you'll nail that first date with exciting dating conversation topics? Learn more tips when it comes to how to make it the perfect first date ever by visiting my website right now. It holds all amazing techniques on how to be great and sensual with women you thought you'd never get a chance with!

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