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Nashville is #1 Destination for Bachelorette Parties

Updated on April 25, 2017

Great Activities for Bachelorettes

There is ALWAYS something going on in Nashville. Most bachelorette parties like to incorporate 1-2 planned activities into their weekend, among all the honktonking. There is such vitality to the city, and a constant offering of things to do. Music City Pub Crawl and Nashville Pedal Tavern are both very popular attractions for Bachelorette parties, as is pole dancing at Urban Studios, or boudoir pictures at Bombshell Creative.

Guests can also shop for a great pair of boots, a fun new outfit, or just meander through the souvenir and candy shops.

Great Entertainment

There are several reasons why Nashville is such a hot destination for bachelorette parties.. The city has unlimited bars blasting the nation's best musical talent. Starting at 11:00 AM every morning, the bars downtown will feature local musicians playing their hearts out for tips, exposure, and to fulfill their love for music.

Nashville's musical offerings range from country, to rock, to bluegrass, to blues, Even though country music is what Nashville is famous for, all genres of music are represented here. You can walk down Broadway and hear a country favorite streaming out of Tootsie's, Stage or Swingin' Doors Saloon, listen to conventional bluegrass and rockabilly at Robert's Western World, hear Southern Rock at Paradise Park, move over to Printers Alley for jazz and blues at Bourbon Street Boogie and Blues,or grab a little rock at Hard Rock Cafe.

Because musicians play for free, there is rarely a cover at a bar. For every bar charging a cover charge, there are 20 that don't, so keep on strolling. This makes for a fun, affordable evening for bachelorettes and bachelors, alike.

And if the downtown scene gets a little congested and tired, parties can move over one mile to Midtown for more local flavor and eclectic offerings. The Midtown area includes Music Row, Vanderbilt and Belmont universities, three hospitals, oodles of local eateries, and the hip Hillsboro Village and West End neighborhood. Midtown is a younger crowd than downtown, which makes bachelorette and bachelor parties mighty happy!

Nashville Bachelorette Parties

Have fun with your outfits--Nashville is anything goes
Have fun with your outfits--Nashville is anything goes | Source
These girls brought along cutouts of the groom
These girls brought along cutouts of the groom | Source
Nashville's central location makes it a convenient place for old friends to meet
Nashville's central location makes it a convenient place for old friends to meet | Source

Southern Hospitality

Another reason Nashville is such a popular destination for bridal parties is that warm southern charm. Everyone in Nashville is so friendly and helpful. Guests always ask why everyone is so nice? it's because they live in Nashville.

Nashville is unique in that it has people from all backgrounds, most of whom were born in another part of the country; however, everyone is polite and welcoming of tourists. The city embraces everyone and exudes a sense of contentment that's not found in most cities of this size.

Bachelorettes Coordinate Outfits like it's Wedding Day!

It's all about the look!
It's all about the look!

Bachelorettes Swarm Nashville each Weekend

It's fun watching people have fun. And walking down Broadway on a Saturday afternoon will put a smile on any face. You will see eight girls in matching shirts and boots, or brides waling around in tiaras and boas. There is no wardrobe too outrageous or overstated.

The brides or grooms are always overwhelmed by all the "high-fives', "congratulations" and other tributes as they walk down the street. Nashville is a town of good, clean fun with a tinge of decadence. If breaking out in a rehearsed country line dance in the middle of 2nd Ave. is wrong, then who wants to be right? And what's the matter with creating matching t-shirts for just one weekend? Isn't it OK to celebrate the end of single life and the new life two people will be creating together?

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Checklist for Nashville Bachelorette Parties

If you are interested in planning a trip to Nashville, here are a few tips to make your stay more enjoyable:

-Pin down your accommodations first. Hotels are quite pricey in Music City, largely due to the popularity of the destination and the shortage of lodging options due to the rapid growth. If money is no object, try to stay in downtown so you don't have the expense or aggravation of transporting the group back and forth all weekend. Midtown hotels are about $150/night cheaper than downtown hotels and most have free shuttles that will take you on the 1-2 mile trip. Many groups book homes through Air BNB and Home Away; the group can stay together and cooking meals can save a lot of money.

-An important item to planning occurs a couple weeks before the trip. Make sure that all the guests have valid I'D's that are not expired. Honky tonking is for adults and the bars are quite strict on carding outside the door. You will be required to show your valid ID 20+ times over the weekend and may even be needed to open a bar tab. So many girls lose their ID during a night of bar hopping and Can't have fun with the group the next day. One solution is to bring an extra ID like your passport and leave at the hotel as a backup. Another great idea is to buy a lanyard with a pouch to put your ID. It may not sound fashionable, but missing out on the fun is a rel bummer.

-Flying in? Take the MTA bus from the airport to downtown for only $1.70 per person. A cab will cost about $30. Save that dough for drinks. Lyft's national headquarters is located in Nashville so that's another affordable option. Just remember to plan early before a reservation if you will need multiple cars.

-Try to plan ahead and make reservations early for activities. Many tours fill up weeks in advance. While walking from bar to bar will be a highlight of your trip, planning 1 or 2 structured activities brings cohesion to the trip and gives the MOH a nice break. Many downtown restaurants do not take reservations, so arrive early.

-Don't just stick to downtown bars. Midtown offers a whole different vibe and younger crowd. East Nashville exposes Nashville's hipster side.

-Dress comfortably. Nashville is a casual town and you may have to do a lot of walking. And dress for the climate. Summers are warm and humid so wear loose clothing that breaths. Resist the urge to dress up in heels, even at night.

-Be sure to tip the musicians. Most play for tips only. The thing that makes Nashville special is the accessibility of fantastic music, all day long. Support the musicians by tossing a couple bucks in their buckets. They will really appreciate it and will honor song requests!

-Pace yourself. If you start partying hard at 11:00 AM, you'll give out by 5:00. Always drink plenty of water. It's not a bad idea to alternate an alcoholic beverage with a non-alcoholic one. You will thank yourself later.


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    • profile image

      Nashlorette 2 years ago

      What a great article, promoting this great city for the most memorable experiences.

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Nice Destination for Bachelorette Parties. Voted up.