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Never blame your future relationship with any bad relationships from the past

Updated on May 13, 2014

A future relationship, sometimes is stronger with more love.

Whether your a man or woman, with any past relationship, it is in the past and

should stay there.

Yes, I know we can think, why was i with that person? Maybe we were desperate,

maybe we just weren't thinking at the time, or it was just one of those things,

which you are glad you don't have to ever be part of ever again.

But I believe that a stronger relationship is indeed something that you end

up with in the future, way past anyone you had to deal with in the past.

For me, I like working, working out and working on my dreams.

Now, I do know what doesn't work out, for me, is someone that is lazy,

or complains about working, or has no dreams at all.

I know they sometimes they say, that opposites can attract, but

I am not sure that ever worked in the past.

I also hear how people talk about they find their "other half",

which I think is something that is wrong.

You are already a "whole person" and to me when you

say you found your "better half" that seems to make you

sound like your not worth anything or your garbage or something.

When you find someone, that person is an extension of your "being".

Maybe that person is that icing on the cake, because it is

a very sweet notion you found that extension of yourself.

That person helps to push you in a positive path and

doesn't hold you back.

Maybe it's a 50/50 deal sometimes or it is just give

and take.

Whatever it maybe, it is truly a worthy person

that adds an extra heartbeat to your own.

Which ends up being a wonderful drumbeat

in your own musical song.


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