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New Hampshire Justice of Peace

Updated on July 20, 2019
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I have performed hundreds of NH weddings for the past 21 years. I will make your day a SPECTACULAR" moment to remember.


Beautiful Weddings in NH


What should I bring to the justice of the peace?

When requesting a JP to witness your statutory declaration or affidavit, please ensure that you have an acceptable identification document with you, such as your:

  • Driver's Licence
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Citizenship Certificate.
  • Passport.Veterans' Affairs entitlement card.
  • .Proof of Age card.
  • Driver's licence.
  • Divorce decree if once married before. (COPY ONLY)

Tips and Tricks You Should Know

I would like to take a few minutes and share some tips with you so that you have an idea of the "Ooops, didn't see that coming" moments with you, these are things that I have learned being a Justice of Peace from real life events that occurred during my term. Like you, I want your day to run as smoothly as possible but there are just some things you cannot avoid that happen however, these Ooops are what makes the wedding a more memorable event, this is what makes memories good believe it or not.

" I am the most organized person ever!" says he/she, Wish I had a dollar every time I have heard this from either the Bride or the Groom.
I have to tell you, your going to say " Ooop's, didn't see that coming !". When things don't go as planned, it's not because you neglected to do something or prepare for something, it's just that things don't always go as smoothly as planned due to human error or just simply " It didn't go as planned" with no fault of anyone. So... That is why I am here, I am hear to help you consider a few things your going to want to know when planning your wedding day, you will never be organized enough !!!!

Make sure you have a good memory I know that may sound funny, your young and your mind works fine, your memory is perfect BUT sometimes with all the hustle and bustle of all the planning and people involved and planning things, phone calls, texts, and so on and so forth life can tend to get a bit crazy, So with knowing this have a note book, log EVERYTHING your doing, have a calendar with the month of your wedding, and have a list of completes, have all your contacts, write everything you have done or need to do down, carry that note book with you.

You call to reserve a hall or favorite restaurant right ? right ! but, if you want to have your wedding held in a State Park or a favorite park or a place out in the open where it is open to the public, you must consider a few things, CALL your local Parks and Recreation office to get permission, find out if there is a fee to use the park for your event even if the ceremony only last a half and hour, it is better than having the parks and rec guy come to tell you you need to leave and then what will you do ? Another question you might want to ask is if there is a sprinkler system that is in the ground, ask if it is on a timer and if it is, ask what time do they go off so your not in the middle of your VOWS and they turn on.

No one can control the weather so you should always keep an eye to the sky, keep looking at the weather reports as your special day gets closer, consider the weather the day or night before because if it rains the day or night before and you have an outdoor wedding and you have a long gown and spiked heels, think not only about your heart sinking because the day has finally arrived and your going to be Mrs so and so but think about how that beautiful dress with get wet and your heels will be sinking in the wet ground.

Marriage license and rings are the 2 most important things you need to remember, put them in a location where they are safe, make a note in your trusty note book on where you put them. Don't give this job to your husband to be, he won't even remember to take out the trash !

Have a meet and greet with your Justice of Peace, there is nothing worse then showing up at someone's house or place of event and someone coming up to you saying " Are you an invited guest?" I always show up in my black Justice robe so I am making a clear statement on who I am and why I am there.
Please, Please, Please don't chew gum when your waiting for your bride or walking down the aisle to your husband to be, have a tick tack, I was not hired to perform the heimlich, I'm here to perform your wedding.

Men in general are famous for saying " Where are my car keys?" take charge of this right away, put them in a location that they are in clear sight along with his phone and wallet, those are the things they always seem to be misplacing and getting married won't change his ways.

Call the florist make sure your flowers the right flowers will be delivered on time.

Make sure your music man is not going to dance the night away the night before your wedding, or home with the flu, call and confirm with him time and location of your event and make sure he is going to show up.

Call your photographer.

If your feeling faint before that long walk down the aisle, have your brides maid have some alcohol wipes, have her hand one to you and just gently hold it under your nose and slowly breath it in, this will help calm your stomach and get the green color out of your face.

If your one of those people who can remember word for word what your going to say GREAT ! however, in the moment that your standing before me and everything seems to be in slow motion and I ask you to exchange your vows and BAM, you draw and blank, you can't even remember your own name, have a cheat sheet note tucked in your bra, or give it to your brides maid to hand to you, your not taking a test, your exchanging vows it's allowed to have a cheat sheet for both of you.

Keep your Justice of Peace in the loop, always contact her/ him with any changes and updates, and they should do the same for you, I usually do not go the the rehearsal the night before I don't feel I am needed and it is just an extra charge you don't need so I say as long as upon my arrival you have someone from the wedding party looking for me to arrive, come meet and greet me and show me where the wedding will be taking place also give that person the marriage license so I have it in my possession prior to the ceremony, I will know what to do from there.

So... These are just a " FEW" tips I thought were pretty important to know and think about as your grand day arrives, there will always be something that arises or mishap that happens on your wedding day you can never be organized enough, there will always be something and that is what makes such wonderful memories or a great laugh.

Do You Tip a Justice of Peace

Do you tip your hired Justice of Peace ? well, this is totally optional. This is up to you. Your Justice of Peace should be as helpful as possible guiding you through smooth sails from the time you hire Him/Her. There should be a lot of communication between the JP and the bride and groom, ask as many questions as possible, call for any information you are not sure of, your JP should be available to help you and if she/he does not know the answer to the question, he/she should be willing to find the answer. This is the kind of Justice of Peace that I am, I want my bride and groom to feel comfortable, and know I am there for them !

NH Beach Wedding
NH Beach Wedding | Source

Capture The Moment

Getting Married in NH
Getting Married in NH

What is the difference between a Justice of Peace and Notary ?

If a document requires a witness, it must be done in person. Each State and Territory has public notary registers which include notaries available to witness documents signing and sealing each document in legal form.
If a document requires a witness, it must be done in person. Each State and Territory has public notary registers which include notaries available to witness documents as well as sign and seal required.

Justice of Peace:

Main roll is Performing weddings and if required, can sign and seal legal documents.

How much is a justice of the peace in NH?

How much is it to hire a Justice of Peace you ask ? well, it depends on a few things such as where the wedding is being held, my jurisdiction is only in the State of NH, I cannot go outside the State of NH. Location on what town is needed, my travel time, the day of the week, time of day. Vows ? I can and will provide vows for you or you may choose your own, I usually ask for a meet and greet to discuss the wedding so I can meet the couple and form some type of relationship with them. So there are a few things to consider for the cost.


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