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Ngilosi Yami Ngiyakhu thanda, uyeva uyeva uyeva ( My Angel I love you).

Updated on September 9, 2015

Ngilosi Yami Patience Ms Mhlanga Ncala.


Ngilosi Yami ngiyakho thanda, uyeva uyeva uyeva.

Love Ngilosi Yami Patienc‎e Mhlanga Ncala.

I have been praying and thinking about us.

I will have a great customer service job by December 2015.
In customer service call centre.
I will be saving R5000 a month.
December 2016 next year I will ge‎t
‎ a white Polo Vivo 30 000 kms R80 000 with RED leather seats.
Sun roof and sound.
Rims standard.

When you turn 26 September 05 we can get married.
Not more than 100 people.
Me, Mpilo his wife and 3 children.
Waza and his finance.
My sister ‎her husband and two children.
My in laws 6 of them.
‎My m‎um's sister her husband and 4 kids and their 3 husbands.

So me it is 25 family and friends.

We book a restaurant so it should cost R 15 000.
But they buy their own drinks.
Then we go to kruger National Park for weekend, R5000 for two.
Then cape town 3 days R8000.

1st year anniversary you would like to go to Brazil, we go for 10 days R 30 000 shopping inclusive.

I'd like our first child to be born in September 2017.
You will be 27.

I will be saving for our 3 bedroom house with a huge yard in Centurion.
We get the house cash.
I'll be 48 years, price R1.200 000.

Get 3 dogs, puppies bull dogs Shaka and Nandi and a blood hound as a guard dog.
3 cats. Socrates, Circumstance and Shadow.
And some birds so our children can learn responsibility.

We will build a town house at the back of our second home rent it out for R5000.
We will rent out our town house in vorna valley for R 12000.
Our first born will be 12.
Then we can afford a second child.
You will be 36.

Our life is going to be a dream.

I can not do it without you.

As a matter of FACT without you, no woman will love me the way you do.

You make me feel loved.

You make me feel like a man.

You behave.

You take care.

You look are *ucking hot.

And I am in love with YOU.

I will always be here for you as long as you need ME.

Ngiyakhu Thanda, Love.

Uyeva Uyeva Uyeva.

Ngilosi Yami Patience Ms Mhlanga Ncala.

Love Nkosinathi Ncala.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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