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Nivea Shave Cream Made Shaving a Pleasure For Me

Updated on October 8, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.


I am Here to Tell You

that I truly believe that bathrooms in the home are possessed when it comes to men who have to use this much-needed room. To be honest, and I may be divulging way too much, but I also believe that today’s man is way more sensitive,understanding, and intelligent to be shocked by this information that I am about to share.

If you are an average man, you have to shave some time in the days or nights. You either use an electric or disposable razor, or maybe an old-fashioned straight razor, but it doesn’t matter. If your system of ridding your face of stubble, then you have a successful shaving system.

Not me. What I am about to tell you is not going to cause America to be overthrown by Communists because they have some secret of being able to live without food, this information may be hysterical to you. No matter what razor I choose to use, and by the way, it is a disposable razor that I buy for such and such dollars and cents, doesn’t work no matter the time—the razor takes a mind of its own and I have to become the “slave” of this instrument if I am go get a clean shave just to go with my wife to church or town. I am old-fashioned. I like to look clean and respectable. (My dad taught me this trait.)

There was a time when men used a straight razor to shave.
There was a time when men used a straight razor to shave. | Source

But I am Not Going to Ride

this train until it arrives into a distant depot, I hate shaving. I do think that this is because that one stubborn razor, sharp as it is, has teamed with my other shaving creams and men’s facial aids to cause me to be late and suffer a serious tongue-lashing from my wife who is a “punctual freak.” No joke. I just pray that she is not reading this hub.

Please humor me as I face you with this honesty: for such a long time, I would work in the public eye and that meant keeping a neat, clean appearance which meant the bottom line was NO beard, long hair and no loud clothing. Personally, I did not agree with the hair thing or the clothing, but when you work for three different bosses, you learn to shut-up.

This personal appearance deal is what led me to having severe cases of Razor Burn, Rashes, and I knew that these afflictions ALL did not originate in any of my razors which I kept clean and new. After a few more years, it hit me. Could me that I had been spending money on the wrong shaving cream and gel. It sure made sense because I would look into my mirror the evening of that morning’s shave and I would see those annoying little bumps on the inner-sides of my jaws and chin and let me tell you—these bumps were almost like a hill of fire-ants that had went wild and made their home into my face.

Scratching was a no, no. So I begun to look at a brand that I had not looked for: Nivea Shaving Gel and Cream for Sensitive Faces and I tell you that with the first can, I could tell a big difference. I even thought to myself, this shaving is (now) so easy and painless, I could shave twice a day, but I was not going to push it. I was just happy at my face NOT having a reddish, broke-out (with bumps) look, so I kept on with my Nivea.

Razor rash is NOT a painless shave.
Razor rash is NOT a painless shave. | Source

The Ritual of Shaving Begins

with a man, like me, well not like me, since I am much older, and discover my face needs shaving. Not a barber shop-perfect shave, but a clean shave that no one will gawk and laugh at me in public. How I look is really important. And you can stop the Kenny, you are such an egotist, jive. I strive to be in the shadows of those around me, not holding court in the spotlight of life.

I walk with apprehension into my bathroom. It is not a happy trip because many times I have had many “accidents” in my bathroom. Those that I still have scars from the falls and watching my Brand X shaving creams laugh at me with no hope of them hopping down to the floor to help me. So I stopped using those Bargain Brand shaving cream and started using Nivea Men’s Shave Cream when I got my first can, it was like finding a long, lost friend. I remember when I got it, I cried, but all to myself.

Before I go too far, let me tell you about Nivea Men’s Shaving Cream Sensitive: Nivea is a moisturizing shaving gel; extra thick lather, protects against razor burn and other minor irritations and contains aloe to soothe skin. If you have sensitive skin and dread to shave, then your prayers are answered. You can say goodbye to sensitive skin when you apply Nivea Men’s Shaving Cream Sensitive. It pays you to keep this brand in mind and you will know when you purchase this product,

When you buy Nivea Shaving Cream for Sensitive Faces, I know that you and I have made a very wise product—and end to the burning on our faces when we head to the bathroom to shave. Now with Nivea Men’s Shaving Cream Sensitive, going to the bathroom to shave is no longer a dread, but a pleasure.

August 20, 2019____________________________________________________

NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shave Gel with Vitamin E, Soothing Chamomile and Witch Hazel Extracts, 3 Pack of 7 Oz Cans
NIVEA MEN Sensitive Shave Gel with Vitamin E, Soothing Chamomile and Witch Hazel Extracts, 3 Pack of 7 Oz Cans
I know that I have a sensitive face and it burned to shave with regular shave cream, but now my face feels great simply because I buy Nieva Shaving Cream for Sensitive Faces.

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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