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Non-binary Is Impossible

Updated on July 29, 2016

What is Asexuality?

Many many many many many many many many people on the Internet are falling into the special snowflake pitfall to cash in their "oppression" for affection, or support, or ATTENTION, or money (see Anita Sarkeesian, who has effectively scammed her fellow feminists out of hundreds of thousands of dollars... repeatedly). So, this is just one of those stupid stupid facets of this "oppression" movement who claims that they "identify with NO gender." I had to wonder if this was a satire on how offended and oppressed that the Internet generation seems to think they are. Asexuality is nothing. Like, literally, it is the absence of something. So why bother with it? Because stupidity is dangerous (and annoying). Firstly, what is this about "gender identities"? I was born a male, so by inheritance I should identify as a male, and it's not a big deal. It should't be a big deal anyway unless you have an ego the size of Canada.

The thing is, I believe in a secular standpoint on everything. I believe that people can and will uphold whatever opinions and actions they can in their personal lives. It doesn't bother me, it doesn't offend me. I couldn't care less. What does offend me is how these people try to police others. When you become such a bigoted, selfish, egocentric asshole that you try to curb other people's sensibilities around your own so you aren't "oppressed" or "invalidated" based off of what society thinks then you are in the wrong, and you're a moron.

There Are Idiots Out There...

On of the main things I'd like to talk about is the pronouns. They're dumb. They're really dumb. These people are so closed-minded and stupid that they LITERALLY THINK that two or three words that describe them generically is the source of their identity. THOSE WORDS DON"T VALIDATE THEM; THAT"S STUPID. Furthermore, why should society be held responsible for not validating them, it's their problem if they don't feel validated. But what do I know? I'm a nasty, evil cis-het-white-male.

If you meet one of these retards do them a big favor: smack them in the back of the head for me.

I Bet You thought I Forgot.

I'm not discounting the possibility that there may be asexual people out there, but I don't believe in non-binary as much as I do believe in I-want-attention-syndrome. I see the difference between asexuals, or agenders, and non-binaries the same way I see the difference between furries and... otherkin... (I'll be back for you). These people took a spectrum condition and turned it into a polarity. YOU CAN'T TREAT IT LIKE THAT! HUMANS AREN'T THAT SIMPLE! Well... Most of us aren't. The reason that the lack of sexuality can't be a complete polarity is because human's are inherently sexual. It's been that way for as long as man has been able to record events, and obviously before then too. Then I'll probably get the "Oh, well it's nature. I can't help it." but that is an invalid argument BECAUSE:

  1. That argument has already been contradicted by these morons.
  2. Nature ONLY cares about reproduction.


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