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Not every relationship is the same

Updated on May 18, 2015

Each relationship is different and each guy is different. Some people who have been hurt think that they know everything.

Most people are cynical because they have been through a lot of bad experiences. They have many relationships that were not successful. When someone they care about enters a relationship or likes a guy they say things like "Actions speak louder than words," "You don't really know that person,""Time will tell," and some even say "All guys are full of it." They doubt that there actually could be a guy out there. They fill doubt into people's heads and make people jump to worst case scenerio.

While there are guys out there who are players and deciteful there are also good guys as well. Some guys are unreliable and some have a lot of things going on in their life. It is not that they mean to be a certain way to a girl it just happens that way. You do not know what is going on in someone's life and jumping to conclusions is no way to make it better. It does no good especially when you have no proof. The only thing you could do is decide what to do with the information that person tells you.

You have to be the judge on weather or not someone is playing you. The more time you talk and get to know them the more you see for yourself. When you start seeing things you decide weather or not you want to keep the relationship going or it is time to call it quits. Sometimes it could be hard because you could find yourself really liking this guy. That is the worst because saying Goodbye is never easy especially when it is with someone whom you really like and want to keep seeing.

You can't judge your present relationship on your past failed one's or your friend's bad experiences. Just because you and your friends have been hurt in the past does not mean that all guys are cheaters. Just because you were lied to in the past does not mean that this guy will also. Not every guy is a liar. There are some guys who really care about a girl and will do anything to make it work.

When you go around in chains of the past you are only hurting yourself. You are missing out on experiencing the wonderful feeling of love. You are full of posion inside and the more you hold onto it, it is only getting worse. What happened to you in the past, let it go. This is a new guy and a new relationship. Give this guy and relationship a chance. You never know what could happen. This could be the guy that you could be with for the rest of your life. Don't drive him away by accusing him of the worst or living in fear because of what happened to you in the past. Not every guy will hurt you.

You can't time something either. Sometimes you just have to let a relationship run it's course. You can't rush anything. When two people have special chemistry or something good they will be together. Sometimes it is the wrong timing. Just because two people are not together at a certain point of time does not mean that they will not be together later on in life. Love is not a ticking clock. A relationship happens when it happens.

All you could do is have faith and believe for the best. After all having faith is believing for what you can't see. When you believe that you have something good with someone do not let go. Love is a wonderful feeling and it is worth fighting for. When you love someone you do not give up on them or the relationship. You wait for them and you will do anything to be with them because you love them so much.

If you have a special guy in your life focus on his good qualaties. Follow your heart and do not listen to what other people say. Don't time anything. Let things fall into place. After all what is meant to be will be.

Do you judge your present relationships by your past?

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    • Dr Billy Kidd profile image

      Dr Billy Kidd 2 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Also, the "rules of love" you grew up with don't necessary work when you get to be 25 or so. Everything social is evolving quickly. You know, who ever heard of online dating when they were a kid?