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Self-Destructive Love Affair-Being the Other Woman

Updated on February 27, 2015

Lust and Want

A maidens dream, a love for a man unavailable
A maidens dream, a love for a man unavailable

You don't see what he does to you.

You close your eyes, denying the truth.

You fail to admit your addiction to him.

He says things that make you cry.

He does things that mess with your mind.

He drives you insane.

The madness consuming what is left of your brain.

Till you know nothing but Hatred,

.........and pain.

To hate the lips you can no longer taste.

To hate the body that is not yours to take.

To hate the mind to which you owe your sanity.

To hate the drug that forced you to see the grey.

To hate the love you can't escape.

Don't know what to do,

Don't know what to say.

Don't know if it really,

Even matters to you.

How can I make you see that it matters to me?

Some days look better upside-down.

Never Gonna Dance Again by Wham

© 2011 Helen Kramer


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  • MissCue profile image

    Helen Kramer 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA.

    Thank you, Chunen. I wrote this poem two years ago, in the midst of a battle. I have already headed your advise some time ago, but wanted my poem immortalized through hubpages. I have healed...mostly...and know that it was a phase of emotions that I had to endure. I am better now, but mostly wrote this for my son, who is now going through his own emotional breakup at the age of 20. Thank you for being such an encouraging, and caring person. I appreciate you!

  • CHUNEN profile image

    CHUNEN 6 years ago from KENTUCKY

    I am a soldier of love and this poem makes me want to come to rescue you. Know that it is hard to love when scared of being hurt. It keeps many from loving freely. And one bad relationship or experience can scar you for life...until you realize that it is all part of the endless, beautiful game of love. When loving someone the things they do may hurt you, especially if they abandon you. If you allow yourself to be loved by the same person or by others after the pain, you will become a decorated soldier of love as well; and hold on to your badges of honor and don't forget the love you experienced with each badge despite the scars. For each badge; each experience will become a part of who you are. And however you use these experiences is up to you. Don't let a bad experience define who you are forever. Life is short. Take time to cry for a moment but not too long...for you have many things to do within this lifetime, and too much time crying is too much negative energy and too time consuming. There are beaches to be cleaned, dogs to save, moms to have tea with, etc. Know that "no one can hurt you without your permission" (Ghandi's quote). And enjoy the rain that falls upon your face. Let the rains come and embrace them...and soon, my brave soldier, you will walk fearlessly through the rain with your head up and you will smile. For you allowed someone to love you despite the eminate danger of the rains which can freeze the soul of many. But not yours. For in the morning you will wake to a new sun rise and you will see as you drink your cappucino, that this sunrise is the reason we live and someone waits for you to love them. Hope that they can deal with the rains as you have and as you love them, teach them of these things. For they may not be yours forever. They too may walk through the rains as you have. Prepare them for that; for no one else will ever be what you are to your lover. They must make their own space within that heart. Because your space is taken you and all that you have contributed to your lover.