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Numerology, Astrology & Graphology – Tools to Further Understanding, Thus Love, in Relationships

Updated on March 8, 2013

When working with numerology, it's good to consider your interpretation of what the aspects reflect, yet it's also a good idea to remain detached from the analysis. Being detached from it all is not easy, but with practice you'll be able to do it.

There are two different paths you could take with the powerful insight gained from comprehensive graphology, numerology, and astrology. You could choose to avoid anyone who represents a challenge, as seen through the charts and handwriting samples, or you could chose to remain open to everyone and the inherent lessons in each love relationship, friendship, and family connection.

For a long time we would not ask a person's birth data (anyone we met, including romantic possibilities) until after we got to know the person better. Almost always, we would end up correctly sensing the core of the compatibility energy between us and the other person before we knew their birth data. We're at the point where we can feel "what is" between us and another person, as reflected in the aspects. Very often it is as obvious as connecting a dark, moon-lit sky to night instead of day.

In our professional and personal lives if a person appears to have their head on straight and is not a risk to our well-being, we tend to proceed with the connection and not just avoid them, regardless of what we see in the charts and handwriting.

We could simply avoid interaction with certain individuals because the aspects (on a personality level and through compatibility) are unsupportive of anything with an "easy flow" whatsoever. Instead, we most often remain detached from the charts, gave the person the benefit of the doubt, stay open for the lessons, and end up experiencing exactly what we previewed in the charts.

This is far from a self-fulfilled prophesy since we do everything we can to make it work and strive to see them in the most positive and objective light. Graphology, numerology, astrology and the other esoteric sciences, when interpreted and used correctly, simply represent truth.

However easier life becomes by avoidance of certain people, it's often more rewarding through personal growth to embrace any type of connection, even those that are inherently very difficult.

We feel the best plan of action is to know "what is" between you and others and to use that understanding for personal development.

However, that's not to say that you can't use your knowledge to select the best option, when you have more than one possibility.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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