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Office Romance - Yes or No?

Updated on August 16, 2015

Pros and Cons of Office Romance

Office romance is very common these days because people spend most of their time at their workplace than any other places.

Whether it is acceptable depends on the policies of the organization. Some organizations are concerned that office relationship will compromise their fairness in decision-making and promotion especially when a subordinate happens to be a spouse. They can be concerned that couples will bring their personal problems into the workplace.

It is not always a wise move to date the people you work with. People like to gossip and they always find out what's going on. Iif you break up, it won't be fun coming in every day and seeing your ex-girlfriend.

Remember the old saying, "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"? If the relationship does not work out, imagine having to face your ex-girlfriend everyday who will not hesitate to make your workplace a living hell.

A relationship with your boss will yield special privileges, but if it does not work out, every extra work seems like retaliation. That is why in some workplace, a relationship with your boss is strictly forbidden.

However the office is a good place to meet a romantic partner. You get to see what she is really like. You see her true colors in stressful situation.

To protect yourself from office gossips, keep the relationship to yourself. Don’t let anyone know until the day you send out your wedding invitations.

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