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Oh, Woman!

Updated on March 8, 2017

Oh, Woman, you are the LIFE of this planet.

You are the Mother, the Creator, and an Individual who has Perseverance, Spontaneity, Inspiration, the Elegance and the Patience to endure all that is thrown at you.

You have the Fire within you, which is always burning like the statue of Liberty.

You are sensitive to the needs of your children, your man and you are the greatest lover, a healer, and can comfort your child by just taking him/her in your arms.

You are the Homemaker.

Positivity radiates from you and showers to the world.

BUT, alas since no body is perfect not even MAN there are some arenas, which need a polish from your end.

1. Jealousy between womEn.

Ever heard of 2 woman sharing a man be civil to each other? Why is a mother-in-law and a wife never comfortable with each other in the same room?

A man tends to split the 2 apart.

Only a woman can understand another woman's plight in this wild world then, why can't they keep their common man aside and be friends? Why can't they try to resolve the issue by talking rather than arguing mindlessly over it? Arguments can just stretch the band width of the relationship, which could eventually lose it's elasticity and make the relationship ugly and distorted.

This is one issue that has NEVER been resolved. Alas, is man to be blamed for this, or a woman?

I wish all women who are so bright and civil and intelligent can take this challenge and learn to love thy mother-in-law and vice-versa!

2. Unfaithful womEn

Many marriages split...because of another woman. When the second woman knows that the man is taken then why encourage that relationship. (Some might say, "Love is blind")

Population is in abundance out here and so are the men then, why pursue a man who is already hooked with a lady? Why encourage a man to get a second chance with a woman? When he is booked and hooked a lady beside him, he outta stick with it.

We ought to take the FIRST step of backing out and that will leave the MAN with no choice but, to take whom he has picked first.

Come on Ladies, let's unite on this front and try to be honest and sensitive to another woman's feelings.

3. Success of their Man

Women are behind the success of their Man. This has been a notable observation over many years and many men have accepted it with open arms and heart.

Some classic examples in Hollywood are:

These women have a successful career and have lent their hand in making their man's career a success.

Oh, Woman you are so talented, yet patient and ready to sacrifice your time to bring a smile onto others!

Women are the Creators of the world. What we sow is what we will reap. Our children follow our path. So, let us try to bring a change in the world so, that the Almighty sitting up there, does not say, "Oh, Woman" but instead say, "Jai Ho, Woman!"

© 2011 Ruchira


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