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Are Kinky People Evil?

Updated on October 13, 2009

Whips and chains and props that confuse the mind with their strangeness, these are the trappings of the kinky folk. They lurk in their dungeons, torturing poor willing souls for fun (and sometimes profit), occasionally being glimpsed by the odd 'vanilla' person as they engage in their meetings at local eateries, ostensibly no different from other diners except for the occasional leather collar wrapped around the odd neck, and perhaps a slightly gothesque look to some of the members. Kinky people are everywhere. They walk among us on a daily basis. They are our employers, our students, perhaps even our siblings. But the real question remains: Are they evil?

Kinky people will no doubt be up in arms about this piece, not necessarily because of the evil question, which will no doubt please some of them on some level, but because of the rough grouping that they are being subjected to here. What is kink anyway? Is is spanking your partner before intercourse? Or is it donning a bunny suit and running through the woods in a pretend hunting scenario where the bunny turns out to have been a very bad bunny indeed? Or is it whacking half a dozen needles through some poor unfortunate's scrotum? Kink comes in many forms, and oftentimes people are surprised when it shows up in their own relationships. They catch their husband wearing panties, their wife fondling a strap on device, or perhaps a drunken evening of truth or dare reveals a little more than might have ever been imagined before.

When faced with such revelations, some people find them quite intimidating. How should they respond? Is the kink wrong? Is it perverted and against all that is good and just in the world? Maybe.

Here's a quick test to determine if your kinky person friend is evil:

Do they want to engage in non consensual acts?

Do they want to engage in acts with those who legally cannot give consent?

Do they only interact with the sane on a kinky level?

Do they naturally grow horns, a pointy tail, and are their shoes somewhat hoofy in shape?

If the answers are No, No, Yes, and No, in that order. Then you are okay. Feel free to explore anything you find interesting, and reject anything you don't. It's your choice, and life is fun that way. Any other answers may not necessarily indicate evil, but you might like to back away slowly and then run screaming into the sunset.


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    • Desiree Addams profile image

      Desiree Addams 

      8 years ago

      Very well put. I enjoyed the article. I was actually intrigued by the title of the article. I hope others that are kinky will do the same without prejudging the article.


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