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On Intuition!

Updated on October 7, 2009

Most importantly is listening and learning to experience what is intuition!

As kind of another mystical aspect of certain qualities as part of humanity to the feminine ones of life is intuition. Who ever heard of masculine intuition? Women are often much better with intuition than men. Intuition is considered to be by the author of the book, THE 7 GREAT TRUTHS ABOUT SUCCESSFUL WOMEN, "the art of reading signals and recognizing patterns."

When observing and seeing become awareness then that becomes intuition. Intuition must be practiced, however to keep that and stay intuitive. Intuition can be active and made useful by asking questions and listening to these certain answers. The reason why intuition is so valueable is that intuition can be a predictor of human behavior

and is good for foretelling the future. Except intuition does need to be developed and acknowledged. While for example, many women have intuition, men think that they experience more insight. However women see things that many men miss because women get the details of things even better than men. Likewise for now also, body language is often read better, when women are reading another's body language than the Way men read body language. Also with hearing and listening men hear fewer words during a conversation.That's the Way they prefer it. Because we are more emotional; when women listen to what is being said, we listen with our ears and hearts; listening for inflection, volume and tone when someone is speaking. Recognizing patterns is an aspect of intuition when dealing with someone else and trying to predict behavior. Asking questions, that means, asking what would be right questions with some sense of curiousity makes up what is intuition.

Asking certain right questions is really an art. Also developing trust with relationships is very necessary. One must listen and learn especially to develop and grow intuition so that relationships might be more healthy and understanding of one another stronger!


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