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On the Topic of Gay Marriage

Updated on March 27, 2013

Disclaimer (as necessary when discussing politics):

Gay marriage is an extremely sensitive topic, but as it has recently caught everyone's eye as it crosses the Supreme Court, I think it is appropriate to discuss. By no means, do I wish to make anyone feel their beliefs are inferior to mine, but I do have feelings as to what I believe is right and wrong. I want to make known, that I do not necessarily associate myself with a given party. I have beliefs and they are what they are. In my decision to vote, I carefully consider what is closest to my beliefs.

Love, Equality, and Procreation

On the aforementioned topic, the most startling point to me is love. Love is always good. How can one think negatively of such a positive word? Homosexual couples and heterosexual couples can both form strong bonds and hold long relationships. How can you believe that marriage is degraded by a difference in gender? Marriage is degraded by infidelity, abuse, or neglect.

And then there is equality. And as you know, many people are donning the equal sign as a symbol of this. For all of the loving Christians out there whom I've read so much from recently. I understand you to be understanding, loving people. I've heard the arguments you've given, but I cannot justify them in my mind. First, many claim that marriage is a religious institution. The first thought to me, is that marriage should be completely separated from government, but as it is not, and it holds both financial and societal benefits, how can we deny others the right to marry?

For those who suggest that the concept of marriage is about procreation, surely you must have thought through the idea that this would include only fertile (most likely young) heterosexual couples planning to have children. That means, if you're too old to have children or if you weren't planning to have children, sorry, but this rule claims you're not allowed to be married. This cannot be a legitimate reason for opposition. Plenty of people marry and adopt. How is this any different from any homosexual couple?

We Are All Created Equal

If your conviction lies in the sinfulness of homosexuality, then surely you have never lied, stolen, cheated, coveted or sinned in any other way, correct? No? And yet any straight sinner is allowed to marry. Of course, some make the objection that these sins have nothing to do with gender. Then I must beg you to think of the concept of marriage in general. Marriage was around (even in name) long before Christianity. It was originally a business agreement. Also on this topic, I must express to you that if you're referencing the bible directly, we must take into account that the bible was written by man, and even the most devout Christians admit that men make mistakes. If a man follows every word of the bible, then he must also claim not to support interracial marriages and he must not so much as speak to his wife while she is menstruating. The Old Testament even prohibits certain food choices that many would laugh at today. The point is, this is not about the sanctity of an institution of religion. This is about equality under the law, and to question such a topic is unfair.

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Some Scientific Support

Research suggests that sexual orientation is determined through a combination of genetic, hormonal, and environmental factors. Homosexuality is not a disease. It is as natural and normal as heterosexuality. If a man argues that God created all men equally, he cannot then argue that homosexuals are unequal.

Twin studies, chromosome linkage studies, epigenetics studies, birth order, female fertility, pheromone studies, and studies of brain structure have all contributed to the knowledge we have today. It is not simply a decision to be gay. We all have feelings, and if we woke up tomorrow and were told that all our romantic feelings were wrong, I think we catch a glimpse at how frightening this world could be.

Some Humorous Bullet Points


Looking Toward the Future

And finally, for those who are not convinced that gay marriage should be allowed, I implore you to see past these constructs that society has made. Time changes and we must be open to see the future. Don't let the past sit around and put blinders on your eyes. Even if you do believe that homosexuality is wrong (I cannot support this, but I know there are some who earnestly believe so), surely you can admit that we have all wronged. Marriage is a right (I know the libertarians are out there waiting to say government should have no say on religion, but it does have a say), and all citizens should have equal rights. I hope the Supreme Court sees this issue through and votes against Proposition 8, and I hope my fellow thinkers and readers can support gay marriage as well.

One day, I have a feeling people will look upon history and be grateful that we accepted gay marriage just as we look upon the abolition of slavery. This is an issue of the past, and I continue to gaze toward the future. I hope you choose to look ahead with me.

Comments - Your comments are greatly appreciated! Feel free to post your opinions even if they are starkly different than mine.

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  • Patriot Quest profile image

    Wayne Joel Bushong 4 years ago from America

    Well, all we can say is America has passed a threshhold I never believed possible. I suppose in a few years we will be argueing that grown men should be able to sleep with consenting 12 year old girls. And that grown men can sleep with boys. How far into depravity will you people go to destroy the foundation of Christianity this great country was built on??...........saddest day America has ever seen. I will go to my grave teaching my grandchildren of the evils and horrors of gay marriage. At least you havent passed laws that keep me from doing that!

  • kassishae profile image

    kassishae 4 years ago from Ohio

    Thank you so much, petertheknight, for your comment. I am heterosexual, but this is a topic about which I feel vehemently. To deny anyone a basic right such as marriage is so wrong. It really makes me happy to see more people are seeing the light. I hope the Supreme Court makes the right decision, and I hope others speak out for the cause as you have.

  • petertheknight profile image

    petertheknight 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA

    I am just so glad that the public opinion is changing so that hopefully one day LGBT Americans can have the same rights and federal benefits that their heterosexual counterparts have. It's just very unfair that we are in this situation. It's sick and it's plain discrimination. It makes me seriously doubt my pride in being American. However, I think things are going to change...if not I will contemplate leaving the country and removing my citizenship. I can not be happy if I am not truly free and treated equally. It's very upsetting to me. I hold on now because I see hope in the future. We have come a long way in just a few short years.