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Wedding, aniversary, still in Love!

Updated on June 17, 2013

our Wedding

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Gary & IDoug & Jerry, my sonsOur wedding cakeHoneymoon in Hawaii
Gary & I
Gary & I
Doug & Jerry, my sons
Doug & Jerry, my sons
Our wedding cake
Our wedding cake
Honeymoon in Hawaii
Honeymoon in Hawaii

1st Aniversary

Has it really only been a year ago

When I walked down the isle, all aglow

Escorted by my sons who would give me away

To the man of my dreams, that wonderful day

We stood at the alter, whispered yes, “I do”.

As Anna sang a song, especially for me and you

The sweet sound of the flute drifted through the room

As all eyes were watching the Bride and the Groom

Then we turned to face our loved ones,

We were now Husband and Wife

Our hands found each other

And we ran toward our new Life

Our honeymoon was magical, on a tropical Isle

We explored the bamboo forest, meandering for a while

Snorkling in the coral reefs, sea turtles swimming by

Felt the misty rainfall as it drifted from the sky

The sunsets were spectacular, orange, purple, blue

Painted by Our Heavenly Father, just for me and you

We drove high up on Diamond Head searching for the moon

Gazing at a million stars, we vowed to come back soon

Our first year has been wonderful, so full of love and joy

We have two new grand-babies, a precious girl and boy

I feel so blessed since you came into my life

Our Lord made my life complete when I became your wife


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