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Online Dating Tips For Beginners

Updated on March 17, 2010

Beginners Tips For Online Dating

 It seems that everyone who is old (or young) enough to be interested in the opposite sex is into online dating – it’s the biggest social arena in the world.  But just because it is online and you do not get to meet the person you are dating does not mean that certain rules of good manners and propriety, the same kind of things that you need to keep in mind on a “real date, do not apply.  Also keep in mind that if you find someone who is “special” you will want to move the relationship out of cyber space and into the real world.  Nothing you say or do online should be such that it causes you problems when you actually do get to meet the person you have been dating online.

 It may sound odd, but plan your search for love in an organized manner – with the millions of people online, you need to spend time finding the right person and not just date the first person who sounds good.  Check out all the information you can find about the person, including a Google search (if you are sure of whom you are searching for) because the more you know, the better you can judge if this could be the right person for you.  Every guide or tips for online dating will emphasize the importance of honesty and while you may follow this policy, do not take it for granted that others will do the same.  Keep in mind that even when trying to be honest, people can often unintentionally mislead others – it’s difficult to be objective about oneself; so be ready to over look small inconsistencies.

 It’s easy to flirt online but never push to hard – forcing yourself on a person who wants to go slow can kill a budding relationship.  It may mean that your date needs to be sure of you and that can often mean that he or she feels that it worth taking time on you.  When you meet someone online and you think that the relationship should grow into the real world, take it slow and offer a few hints and be patient in waiting for a response – it’s a good sign that someone is putting a lot of thought into meeting with you.  And if a meting does take place, offer a neutral place where both of you are comfortable and if the offer is made to you, insist on the same.


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