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Online Dating Tips From a Guy

Updated on February 27, 2013
Online Dating Tips From a Guy
Online Dating Tips From a Guy | Source

Online Tips For Dating for Dummies

Online Dating Tips From a Guy

The world of Online Dating is explosive and growing every day. The growth is extremely fast and worldwide. With this being so , some Online Dating Tips from a guy may be somewhat interesting to read. I have enjoyed online dating, and in reality I should say chatting is what it has summed up to be for me more than meeting .There are some really sweet gals out there in the online dating world and there are some really strange guys out there I here. I am not trying to be biased on the men, yet I have heard the stories of guy's sending their inner most thoughts via genital pictures on some dating sites , so I went undercover and had a spammed picture of a Russian Blond, yeah I know sneaky and possibly could get me in trouble, but I had to see from a women's point of view what goes on in the online dating sites,so here is my story and tips.

I had a profile of a normal beautiful blond and the photo showed a knockout, playboy type young lady from Russia. I said in the profile I was looking for a kind gentlemen that knew how to treat a lady, and that I was looking for my soul mate, nothing about sex or that I wanted anything but a friend.I wanted it put straight that I was just looking for a date I Posted on a single's site called ,"Plenty Of Fish" and within about 5 minutes I think half the guys in one little town must of hit on me, I started to read some of the messages and I knew right then, I was taken by the short answers like H,"Hello" or, "Hi" and that was it. The occasional ," Hey Baby want to meet me", or something really child like and stupid. ..Some ridiculous bull from these guys and not a one," How are you I am Joe Blow and I feel the same way as you do. I am looking for a female to hang out with possibly you and I can?" I went no wonder Pick Up Artist are so busy making millions of dollars teaching these men how to respond to a women, there was everything about sex,Sex and no conversation was all I received as I acted like a female I checked my fake email two days later I had set up for this account, and it was full I ended up shutting it all down , it just proved a point to me , I was doing things right online with women and treated them as a they were, women looking for a nice guy. I was on the right track, and glad that I was not the pervert that I read so many emails from these other guys. Now I know what it feels like to be a women in this world, to an extent of what some of my female friends have told me.

So here is an Online tip for guys, from a guy.Do think about making complete sentences when you respond to a profile of a women. Even though she is pretty that is not what she wants to be told, she wants to know you read her profile,so mention something out of her profile that you have in common.The big tip of all , is if she is this blond bombshell, does she have a personality,and is she real? , you don't know that, and your probably not going to get into her pants the first date if you even get that. Also it could be a guy posing as a girl with another picture as I did , for this experiment. I did this as a writing assignment and it was fun, but I learned more than I am going to tell. Those few tips I mentioned above for guys should get you a chat with a nice women.

Now a few tips for women on online dating, put your real picture from the last month on. I have been on several dates from online dating. Men are visual, and I know, personality counts, but to deceive us with your high school glamour shot is not right.The other online dating tip is give us a chance ,we are sexually driven animals,If your strutting your cleavage and showing more than usual in your picture and come off as a cold blooded witch , when someone is being nice, that just means you have no right being online anymore than the guy showing his privates to you, You would make a good couple possibly.Be nice to each other in the online dating world and enjoy being alive today.

In conclusion, what I did was wrong to act like a women and post a picture. It was done to see what these young women have to go through. In reality there are guys that actually do post pictures of girls and act as they are women. Be careful if your a women or a man. Make sure if you meet , that you meet in a local place that you are familiar with and leave a note behind in your house as to where you went. You never can be too safe. The online dating world can be fun and all can find someone online. One must practice patience and remember pictures are pictures, and they can be taken at any time of the year.It can be a rude awakening for either man or women. .

Christopher Hyer 2.24.2011


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 7 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Thank You, I usually write from my heart on life.

    • profile image

      marellen 7 years ago

      You have some great points...


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