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Online Dating Useful Information

Updated on February 18, 2015

Is Online Dating for You?

The question "How do I meet someone?" has been around for many years. You use to go to church to meet someone or there would be someone in the neighborhood?. There always was a limitation of the number of people you could meet or even date using those means. You stayed in the familiar and didn't venture to far from there. The answer to that question came years later with the computer age. The computer age gave you the ability to venture across states and even countries.

Careful As You Go

Dating online can be nerve racking and exciting but there can also be heartbreaks and frustration.It is what you put into it as long as you keep a good perspective about the people you meet. I've been using online dating for over 10years. I know how easy it is to get caught up in the fantasy that it provides. It can be used to target people that have a problem meeting people or have limited friends. The people that are inhibited can use online dating as a method to let that adventurous and flirtatious side out. The unpopular will can now become popular and the weak minded could become strong.

The biggest problem with online dating is you never know who the person you meet really is. The person could be someone with mental or relationship issues. You sometimes won't find out until you've been on a few dates. The men who are married and I say men because in my experience it has always been men that are married that play games. Again, you usually don't find out until you're emotionally invested. Then there are the men in jail that will do anything to make their time go by. They seem to always be able to find someone to become a pen pal with, and it is usually a lonely women. They use them for money, visits and anything to make their time easier. There are some that propose marriage just to have conjugal visits. It's a game to most of them and they have no interest in keeping theirpromises once they get out. The women they entice are left with a broken heart and are an emotional mess. There is no sure fire way to get around any of this from happening to you. The best way not to become a victim is by taking it slow and ask questions over and over again. There usually are signs like not being able to call the person except on a cell phone. You should ask to meet his family and friends. Does this person work is a question you should be asking yourself if he's at home or out in the streets during working hours. There are so many horror stories of dates gone bad and women never making it back home. You don't want this to be you let someone know always were you are going and with whom. You should provide a telephone number and any information that someone can trace to that person. If he has a car get the license number and the make and model. If the person has scars or tattoos let it be known. You might want to take a picture of the person. I know this seems extreme but you won't feel that way if you get into a situation and need help. This is not to say women won't do the same things that men will because that's not true. Women can have just as much game as a man does and for some reason it seems a lot worse..

The First Date

You should always put your best foot forward when you're going to meet someone for the first time. You should make sure your appearance is a good indicator of who you are. What I mean is if you're a jeans kind of person don't go in formal attire. This also applies to where you meet for the first time. The meeting place should be in a public area but not noisy to the point that you can't hear each other. A movie is the worst place to go because you can't talk and there is no interaction at all. When you first meet smile don't go with the grumpy cat look on your face. If there is attraction you both will know because body language speaks volumes. I do suggest that if you don't find the attraction that you don't tune the person out. There are many people that are married today just because they gave their date a chance to develop. Since there has been conversation between the two of you there should be plenty to talk about. If that's not the case look around you and find something that can break the ice usually the menu will do. This is not the time to blank out or act like the dumb blonde. Don't make your date feel like it's a run to the finish line this can be picked up on immediately. No matter your feeling after meeting be polite and always let the person know friendship is available. There is no point to cutting the person off because you never know what role that person can play in your life down the road.


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