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Online Dating:Tips and Tricks for Men

Updated on March 1, 2013

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I will admit it, I tried online dating and let me say it was an eye opener. I was married at 18 and after 9 years divorced, with little memory of the hell that is now dating. The below messages are for guys mainly, I am trying to help you out, really.


So there are some keywords that are put into a profile that instantly makes us think something entirely different.

No strings=Commitment issues or booty call

Looking for friends=On the Down Low

Discreet=Cheater, cheater, cheater, married

Cannot Host=Married or living with someone

There are also red flags in the biography that will keep us from even going near you. One if you are still married or separated, many women will not want to have anything to do with you. Also if you cannot be bothered to fill out 2 lines on a bio and just hold down a key for the requirement, it is obvious you are boring or are too arrogant to waste your time with it. You are there to find something aren’t you?

Another issue is pictures. If you don’t have one, we think you are hiding something. That could be you are married, a axe murderer or just ugly. If you want someone to love you or anything else, they have to know who you are. Also pictures that have a flash on your face and are just of your body, same thought process. Good rule of thumb is three shots; head shot, half body and full body shot.


This is where the hell begins, the messages. I do not message guys, never needed to. So if you don’t message girls, you might want to pony up. The only messages you will get are from girls who are not getting enough with just a profile, no photo or undesirable.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT ask a girl for pictures of them in compromising positions. I am saddened to have to mention this, but from my own small scale case study, 30 percent of you guys do, on the first message! Kind of sad. No women in their right mind, is going to go for that. If they do, you might not want them.

Say something more than hi or sup. I average around 100 messages a day, so come on, you have to do better than sup. You don’t have the benefit of your sexual male prowess and presence, so you have to work a little more. A couple of sentences won’t kill you, although if you are one that can’t fill out a bio, feel free to ignore last remark.


This one is simple, call. If a girl gives you her number, she wants you to call, not text. If she wanted to write letters on a screen, she would continue to message you on the site. Hearing your voice can seal the deal of a date, women love a man’s voice.

So if you just have to text, make sure to include your name or at least a screen name so that she will know who you are. She is getting many messages a day, so don’t assume you are the only one she is talking to. Same goes for calling, don’t just say hi or it’s me, because they will not know who me is.

If you get a date, be yourself. Not the obnoxious self that only your mother sees, but the respectful one you show to your employers. By all means be yourself, but have a little self awareness and have fun. Good luck.


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