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Online Speed Dating - How to setup your own Speed Dating Business

Updated on August 5, 2009

Online Speed Dating Undiscovered

Dating in today’s world is just like playing the lottery, you win some but you lose a lot. Many people are now choosing online dating to quickly find their winning ticket. With it's growing popularity the business of dating is truly becoming a profitable venture. In this article I will share how you can start your own online speed dating business and potentially cash in.

Is there any competition?

It was mentioned earlier that online speed dating is growing, which means you may not be the only person in your area reading this article. The Internet has now become a tool to even out all playing fields, so you must put in a full effort. Knowing your competition can determine what type of single people you should target. Since this market has a wide range of consumers, finding a niche and not as difficult as suspected.For example a competitor in your area might only target customers who are 21-35 years old. That means that there is a opening for single people who are 35 years old and up. The more creative you become, the less competition you have to worry about. .


Overall: Research to see if there are other businesses in your area and find out who are their target customers.

Know your Clients

Intensive research must be performed to find out who will be participating at your parties. Most importantly you should know how many single people live in your area. If you don’t have many singles available then this business may not be for you. Once you have determined you have enough of your most important asset.....,People,  the next step is getting to know them. What kind of people do you want at your parties? Factors such as age, gender, careers, all can play a huge roll into determining how you will advertise your business.


Overall: Find out as much as you can about potential customers.

Recruiting a Team

I hope your realize that in order to fully execute this plan you must have a team. Here is a list of the type of people you should have on your roster.

The Assistant (The Captain)


- Makes calls

- Keeps important papers organized

- Helps were they are needed

- Handles business relations

 Characteristics: Kind, Patient, Willing to Serve and Understanding.

Event Host ( The Co-Captain)


- Regulates the flow of the event

- Keeps the atmosphere enjoyable

 Characteristics: Outgoing, Funny, and a Great Speaker


Event Staff (The Wingmen)


- Assist the host

- Provide complete service to daters

- Help setup and shutdown parties

- Handle craft service

- Provides creativity

 Characteristics: Willing to Help, Polite, and Creative

Time to Promote

 When you have successfully gained enough information it is now time to design a marketing planwith your team. You should know enough to determine who will be at your events and where it will take place. Start to decide the price of your service, the companies name and begin to figure out how potential customers can be reached. With the use of flyers, commercials, the Internet and even word of mouth can help make your business known.

 Overall: Begin to figure out how your events will be advertised.Once the advertising is in effect the next step is to see if your hard work paid off. Keep in mind that speed dating is suppose to be enjoyable and less serious. Many people are out here searching for their winning ticket and maybe you can help them.

If you need to know how to throw a speed dating party refer to my article " 8 minute speed dating tips/ your guide on throwing a speed dating party"

Would you ever start an Online Speed Dating Business?

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