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Updated on October 3, 2009




  © -MFB III


"Table for one, please..."
still haunts her as
a candle flickers over
her bittersweet wine,
but it cannot catch
the gleam of his warm brown eyes.

There is no one to drink to now,
even her dinner selection
mocks her with the
so many choices abound,
but nothing that suits her.

She sits surrounded by stereo couples
their romantic whispers echoing
like the roar of the subway
alone on a two seater,
home to an empty bed.

The clock ticks her off,
cause tonight there is
no one to talk to,
The phone is a mime,
white faced and silent.

The late show is
another damned romance
electronic passion,
as she lies prone to tears,
a satellite dish
floating in the empty
void of dark space...
shows her all that she is missing.

Sleep eludes her,
its sweet dreams
died a week ago,
so she huddles
on her balcony chaise lounge,
wrapped in a blanket
still carrying the
scent of his absence
and watches the city far below,
simply go on without her.


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