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Only one side allowed on "Why do so many men report bad Filipina dating/marrying experiences?"

Updated on April 10, 2015

What's the point?

So I started this a few weeks ago but have only just got back around to trying to complete it. Forgive me if it's messy but this is my first foray into the likes of Hubpages.

I posted a few comments on this other Hub and all but one were taken down. None of them were abusive but I sure received a lot of nasty comments from some obviously quite jaded and nasty people. I will respond to each here and probably leave it at that but will leave the hub open for anyone who may want to discuss relevant ideas preferably without too much bigoted racism.



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    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago


      Your comments interest me, it seems you must reside in the Philippines?

      If it is so bad I would ask why don’t you leave?

      In Australia we have a horrid little saying of “fit in or f#ck off”, now I don’t agree with it but just interested to know why you stay there?

      I also read some other posts of guys that live or travel often to the Philippines and seem to hook up with many women but moan about how bad they are, really?

      Yes mate I think I do like to swim up hill a bit. I came from nothing and have worked to achieve a nice life. Sure I don’t want that to be taken away and sure I’m up for advice but the whole premise of this Hub does nothing to help a person like me. So what is the hub there for?

      It seems to be a place where people that have been burnt go to vent their anger. Now I’ve had enough taken away by my Australian ex, so maybe I should be against all Australian women as there’s plenty to generalise negatively about them but of course these generalisations would be as silly as say… know!

      Then there is the way the hub is run. I made some posts with questions and some polite criticisms. These posts were removed. So instead of having open conversation where new people can add to the mix this hub only allows one view.

      So really this hub will not help me unless I become one of the jaded then can come and bleat on about how hard done by I am. Yes you will say “but you were warned” but no I wasn’t. There can be enough people hurt by any situation to fill a hub but that doesn’t mean that every situation is wrong. That hub does nothing but support Inshocks 1,2,3’s and support a very racist attitude.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago


      Now this guy keeps digging the hole. He says that hub is for sharing “statistics, facts and reality” but I am yet to find any in between the baseless vitriol and hatred espoused in the 2000+ posts. The Hub is too boring to read from end to end as it’s just the same thing repeated over and over by a handful of people. Great statistical relevance there bud!

      He states:

      “The fact is a confident educated fit attractive and wealthy or even average income man simply would have no reason to resort to a third world whore.”

      I agree 100%

      He then goes further to classify the men who would try to “marry a whore”:

      “We are now left with the few types of men who seek the subservient Filipina whore. 1. The Pathetic, not attractive and lonely man. 2. The Pussy aka no balls. 3. The Clueless, ignorance is bliss till it bites. This is not meant to be derogatory it’s just simply the reality.”

      OK so let’s take this as the truth. Now hasn’t he just fully supported the only conclusion that it is in fact the western man who is undeserving of the love of anyone?

      Would we really be harsh to any woman who couldn’t stay with a man in these categories?

      Further more, I can only surmise that all of the men speaking with such vitriol on this site have had a failed relationship with a Filipina so I would like each and every one of them to publically admit which one they are; 1, 2 or 3 boys!!!!

      Now he asks which one am I. This is a good question but I still have a problem because I can’t reconcile that just because any man has a relationship with someone from a particular race that makes him less of a man. I’m sure again this happens in America in mixed white-African American relationships, I’d love for Inshock to go to Times Square NYC and stand on a soap box and tell them his views, would he have the “balls”, would he be too “pathetic” or is it he just doesn’t have a “clue”?

      So Inshock, I ask you, WHICH ONE ARE YOU?

      My answer is this: I’m number 4: I have a girlfriend, she happens to be from the Philippines. I did not go there looking for a Filipina, actually I was subtly racist having grown up through the “mail order bride” stigma so even though I’ve dated Asian women before I’ve never thought about a Filipina. A chance meeting and this girl I happen to really get along with is Filipina so I decided to do research into her country and through this found this horrible Hub page. Because the moderator is well educated his initial introduction lead me to believe this Hub may give me insight into the cultural differences and ways to make sure we stay respectful of each other. What I found is a bunch of racist haters. It goes to show that education does nothing to quell the hatred of a fearful mind, I guess the KKK had judges and the like at it’s core too.

      But before you berate me Inshock, WHICH ONE ARE YOU!!!!

      (I, unlike the undemocratic lawyer, will give you right of reply ☺ )

      Oh and referencing people as “jungle monkeys” oh please, if you promise to get on a soap box I will buy you a ticket to NYC and come watch you win over your fellow man! It’s horrible to think we have such narrow minded, racist, pathetic excuses for humans in our midst but I guess it’s better to have avenues where they can expose themselves!

      Oh you go on….so Filipinos are lazy, that’s why they can’t get ahead? Hmm Tan was saying it’s because their govt keeps them poor…likely it’s a more complex mix but hey you must be right hey big white man?

      Interestingly enough I have had a colourful life that has taken me around the globe on work and pleasure, I remember the teams of Filo workers that were flown into remote areas to fix messes that the Western run companies just couldn’t fix, they were held in high regard as fearless and tough. The first time I saw 15 rather small men trudge off to fix a fan full of shit I wondered how these happy, slight men would fare. Then there’s the Western mother who calls her old filo nanny over 2 years after she went home to ask her advice on her own son. Anyway I digress, these are only a few chance meetings and you really must be right!

      Oh it’s you I deserve one apology to: I’m sorry about the typos, I reread the posts that were allowed to stay and they were indeed bad. A couple of reasons, one is this new phone, I just can’t get my fingers to push the right keys even though the damn thing is twice the size of my old phone, two is since my comments are removed I didn’t really waste too much time editing. I hope I’m doing better here for you mate!

      No mate I must be an illiterate Aussie as you and Sarah95 are wrong, Sarah just to explain the Mojopinoz, I see your assumption “pinoz” haha I din’t even notice. The Mojopin comes from a Jeff Buckley song and the “Oz” well I’m sure you can work it out love!

      Oh and my gf happens to be an English teacher, now I’m fairly well educated with 2 degrees and I try to apply my white man superiority over her by trying to challenge her grasp of the language but so far she has cut me to shreds.

    • profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Ok here are my responses to those who had something to say to me:


      This bloke is obviously educated and has educated me on his definitions of “cultural whores” and “economic whores” all of which it seems 100% of Filipino women are and Filipino society encourages. Wow, it wasn’t long ago that the popular belief in America was all African Americans were less than human also but thank god things have come forward a little, maybe they haven’t!

      He goes on the say sexual prostitution is pretty much ok as an ethical enterprise as it’s just an economic transaction and no body is fooling anyone – hmm how many men that visit prostitutes yearn for some real love I wonder?

      But hang on this is economic prostitution as well isn’t it?

      So he goes on to talk about this insidious cultural prostitution where women hook up with men for the long term and view to marriage to better their place in life. Now this is more insidious why?

      Because these poor, poor men are tricked. How are they to know this young gorgeous 20 something girl really doesn’t love this 60+ year old wrinkly, fat man any deeper than the reasons he loves her?

      Who is fooling who?

      I think they are both fooling themselves!

      So just as I’ve heard many stories of successful and unsuccessful relationships from all sides of the world we have all heard them relating to the Philippines. Now on this hub we hear such rabid and disgusting rants about “whores” and “monkeys” and the horrible, vindictive nature of the rants makes me wonder what these people would be like in a relationship. I wonder if maybe this cute 20yo girl may have stayed with this horrible old man if only he had been, well less horrible!!!

      So Tan blames the woman as she scammed the man. Really was this man so damn stupid?

      Was he not scamming the young girl too, did he really want a true and loving wife in the “Western sense” or did he want a cheap, young hooker to do his bidding?

      So Tan has respect for the sexual prostitute but none for a woman born into poverty that wants to marry out of it. Hmmm well maybe the man should stop debasing humanity and just pay for sex instead of promising the world to a naïve young girl?

      I would like to know if Tan had a young daughter would he support a 60yo man from his culture who wanted to marry his daughter?

      Further more if the daughter woke up one day and realised she was in a bad spot would he call her an economic whore for spending all the poor old man’s money?

      Finally when I ask how he can so easily rubbish a whole race of people (umm please define for me what racism is?) he compares them to the Jews and the Japanese! Yes the Jews have always been a shrewd economic force and their dominance and subjugation of others lead to the horror of the Holocaust but they retained their skills and power and now wield it silently and forcefully subjugating us all to their whims, now we’re getting too deep. The Japanese were held down economically for no other reason than a fear of the “yellow peril” – that’d be racism folks, sound familiar?

      So yep, the Philippines hasn’t become an economic force and yes their governments are more easily scrutinised to be corrupt (the more power a govt has the more it can hide its corruption). So the govt is abusing it’s people and forcing them into cheap labour and economic prostitution, this is what Tan is saying. So then wouldn’t it follow that any self respecting, educated western man that supported such deplorable practices should be found the most deplorable excuse for a human being?

      How about we help the under privileged instead of abusing them?


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