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Opeming Statement To A New Love.

Updated on October 13, 2009


Opening statement to a new love.



I have grown to know you so much more,
then the few precious hours we'd shared before,
and often I wonder why destiny,
brought someone like you to someone like me.
what magic caused your eyes to see,
just me amidst the throng,
what music gently urged me stay,
and moved my heart to song.

I know that we may never find,
the love we're searching for,
but rather then just walking blind,
we've opened up a door.
What lies behind it I can't say,
the paths ahead unknown,
but it's a comfort knowing that,
I'll not walk it alone.

I've seen the world from a spotlit stage,
but I've walked in gutters too,
I've had countless friends at every age,
and times when friends were few,
I've known the glories of success,
but there're things I've failed to do,
but one thing's sure and not a guess,
I like being with you!

I don't have much to offer,
as I sit and write this letter,
there are many guys in this whole world,
who'd probably suit you better.
And I'd be a liar if I said,
the hurts I've felt before,
aren't keeping me from telling you,
I'd like to know you more.

The three words that I'd love to say,
to someone sweet as you,
I've heard before in every way,
but meaningful and true.
but do not let that trouble you,
for I can be content,
if what you seek is somewhere else,
My time was still well spent.

For every moment that we've shared,
has made my life complete,
and all the loneliness I've had
has fallen to my feet.
I'll give you what I love to give,
to those who touch my heart,
a friendship that will always live,
together or apart.

I'll share as many smiles and laughs,
as this heart of mine can hold,
with happiness and tender warmth,
to cheer when life grows cold.
My shoulder's there to cry on,
and my poems are yours to share,
my heart you can rely on,
if you need me I'll be there.

My feet will never wander far,
unless you bid me go,
and my love's a sponge to soak yours up
should you want to help it grow.
I don't have wealth or fortune's grand,
but down to my last dollar,
If you should need a helping hand
you only have to holler.

Give to me what you so choose,
with honesty in mind,
and I know we may never lose,
this love we hope to fond.
I guess that's all that I can say,
while standing at love's door,
until the signs along the way,
bid me to tell you more.


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