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Weddings: Tuxedos/Formalwear: Rules for Success!

Updated on December 14, 2015
Get the right tux in time for the wedding!
Get the right tux in time for the wedding!

Ordering Tuxes/Formalwear for Success!

There are ways to order formalwear/tuxes to avoid stress and problems before the wedding day. Follow this easy guide to ensure that your wedding day runs perfectly--and the groom is dressed the way he should be:

Order formalwear at least four months before the wedding date. IF THE WEDDING FALLS NEAR PROM TIME, ORDER EARLIER.

Ask these questions of the formalwear/tux shop before you reserve formalwear/tuxes:

1. Do you have stock on the premises? If not, how far away is your central source? (If their central source is 100 miles away and there’s an ordering mistake, they won’t be able to make replacements in time for the wedding.)

2. Do you have a tailor on the premises? (To fix last-minute alterations.)

3. And may the groom (and his bridal party) try on the formalwear/tux when he comes to pick it up? (This ensures that all formalwear items are included: jacket, pants, shirt, cummerbund or vest, studs, tie and shoes.)

*If they don't answer "yes" to these questions, look elsewhere.

More Precautions/Tips to Ensure Wedding-Day Success!

* Leave a deposit to order formalwear. Put it on your credit card, which is your insurance policy should the store go out of business. Do not pay with cash or check.

* Rent a tuxedo/formalwear from a formalwear shop that offers a free tux for the groom (with the rental of formalwear for his groomsmen).

* Always buy formalwear insurance offered by the rental shop. You never know what can happen on the wedding day to damage a tuxedo and/or formalwear. Tuxes are expensive to replace.

*Take this advice, and the groom will walk down the aisle truly looking like Prince Charming!


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