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Planing Our Wedding

Updated on April 27, 2009

Hi this is the wedding site of Robert and Lisa....we have been engaged for about a year now and are still putting together all of the wedding details..

when planning our wedding we decided to pull things together as they come.. we have decided to have a pretty small wedding with just our friends and family mostly cause why do you need anyone else, but as everyone finds out the list grows so quickly from 20.. to 60 overnight, especially when the mother of the groom and the mother of bride get involved... am i right?

there are several things that generally occur during wedding planning...

1. The Groom and Bride end up fighting over things like flowers and how stupid they are (not us! yet)

2. The mother-in-law and the Bride get onto eachothers nerves... (that could be a whole blog of itself... let me tell you....omg!)

3. you begin to realize that its kinda rediculous how many little details there are and thats why every wedding looks similar because we steal everyone else's ideas because its so much easier.....

4. you completely loose your mind....

now then lets talk about in-law's... we've all got them, not all of us want them lol.... mine are James and Susan and when i met them there were picture perfect marriage, house, kids, dogs you name it.... but as we started dating i found out his dad just basically works and hangs out these days, his mom is the machine of the house as in she cleans cooks does the budget and checks up on her adult kids every second.... did i mention my fiance is 21.. and her older son is 23? yes and they had to be home by midnight, they had to say where they went, who went and every detail of the evening... when robert and i decided to start say getting closer in our relationship he asked his mother for her permission and they discussed it.... and she gave him advice? LOL now before i met this family i was sane and normal and basically i was 19 and my mother worked and as long as i went to work when i was scheduled she didnt care what i did... so i was used to going to dennys, hanging out with my group of friends till 7am.. or just hanging at someones apartment all day no big deal right well after i moved in with robert and his family.. things got shook up, i didnt realize they were serious about cerfew.. at 10:30 when his parents go to bed they turn on the alarm that is controlled from their room and only their room which controls the doors, windows and a motion detector that goes off after the 5th stair (trust me we knew where it hit)... his parents were always in the living room cleaning or watching tv so trying to go to the kitchen to make something to eat would evelop in a list of why are you hungry? what are you making... you know that isnt very good for you, i think we should all go on a diet again... and well im making dinner soon are you sure... you get the idea.. i honestly didnt realize there were still parents like that around but we moved out and she began calling us asking us if we were going to bed soon was our homework done.. and then call by 9am and make sure we were up and productive because that was waaaay to late to sleep in till i informed that not everyone wakes up at 6am because well we're young and we get stuck doing late shifts which then was till midnight but ended up going for graveyard so we'd get home around 8am.. and wake up at 4pm which is really good for that shift but to her wasn't normal... lol but we have camly discussed that well we're adults and we have to grow up.... so she isnt calling us anymore but she does have a house key.. to come check on us. lol **dont get me wrong i love my in-laws but no expects what you're getting yourself into..... ***

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