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Our Young Generation -- The Janis Joplin syndrome

Updated on September 22, 2012
Rebel without a cause
Rebel without a cause | Source

We've just turned another century and we are still here, alive and kicking. The purpose of this hub is give a variety, or a wider range of advice for the parent and general public that participates in the painstaking process of raising a young kid. Maybe we can go a little back in time and then bounce back with a better focusing in our writing.

How was a kid in the times of Noah?

A kid in those times would depend on his parents for every single move. Just to go to get water from a fountain or a well, would mean to get a blessing from his father, or the Chief of the tribe or the Clan. Respect was shown, and respect was received. A parent was the next thing to a biblical Character, for those kids. No TV, no 'texting' to get them out of the way. If lucky they got an education to read the Bible, if not, just join the adoration day -- no Churches and Calendars yet.


Kids around Civil War time.

When civil war broke in the earliest 1860's, Industrial revolution was about to take off. Krupp Cannons and its industry were already around 200 years old. Kids would just have access to odd dolls and war related games. A parent would go away for years and a mother would wait...sometimes in vain. The ones that followed their husbands between tents and washing those uniforms down the river, would do their best to keep a family numb to stressful decisions. A young teen would barely have complete access to a career, like today. Either picking up cotton with granny, or learning how to till their parents field.


War World II and its aftermath

Every war left a legacy, and we are still feeling the effects of this war: Just check those few survivors, that are over 90; they'd rather kept it to themselves and take whatever is left in their memories straight to the grave. What did this mean to the new generations? The lack of total consideration and respect. The new James Deans and young 'easy riders' joined the Marlon Brandosof that time. Wait a minute? What happens when you mix LSD, Vietnam and Watergate? Well you will have to stir a little, add those left behind from Korea plus a half spoon of David Carradines...huh? And you just taste it and then drink it all.

Teen deaths due to car accidents

  • 16,324 Teens have died every year since 1999--- Control disease center (CDC)
  • Teens are dying every 50 minutes-- A total of 10,839 will die in 2012-- MAAD
  • 400,000 will become impaired every year--MAAD
  • One in three 8th graders drinks alcohol--MAAD

How deep is this mess then?

If all our kids were already born psychologists or psychiatrists, then we wouldn't have to worry. This hub would be like a an old story... that wouldn't have been of any use at all. But now, deadbeat dad's and drug users from the early 80's have already seen the changes in their faces. More than ever young generations are free to do what ever they want. Some can bully their friends and others post epithets full of hatred on FaceBook, before taking their lives and some others at High School.

Music is not what it used to be. Respect for your progenitors is almost stint, and if these few kids that want to do good, are found in fault--too kind to their own blood, they will be forced to change their minds, by being targeted by new gangs that protect them from the others. This is a domino effect that started to escalate at the turn of the 20th Century.


How to really deal with this problem?

If I knew the answer, I would've been heading to the White House joining the National Advisory Committee. But I will try to point certain issues. This is actually a cancer and the cure might be years light ahead (Rome, Babylon, Greece and Etruscans didn't cut it)

Our own advice:

  • Start with the example-- If you are a drug dealer and a deadbeat dad that didn't know better, then move over. You actually had a sad past and I don't blame you totally, but you will live to see what you did create.
  • Education-- Our system sucks. Is who you know, or what party you really follow in order to keep your teaching job. Don't you agree guys from Pennsylvania Avenue?
  • Our government should create the Department of Youth, and take back some of the money that they sent to our allies in the Middle East. Whoever doesn't have time to pursue a career, then at least learn a trade. Not all equations and Thermodynamics are equal for our kids. Thanks Epsilon.
  • TV Networks, should stop creating those stupid, 'teen mom' and 'date my mom' reality shows.
  • Some movie stars should jump in for the cause. Their pay back will be in Heaven to their grand grand kids delight. Some didn't share and died overdosed. Why was that?
  • These tips came from our hearts, and will reach some others. I hope.
  • Start a dialogue with your teen kid. They were waiting for you since birth to listen to what you have to say. If not, well, you tell me? Where did you go wrong?
  • Sports and the Net, should incentive our kids creativity and well being: Healthy body in a healthy mind.
  • Spirituality, proper meditation, mindful tasks for life, exercises, proper nutrition and self care... Should be added in a long term curriculum for the sake of this Nation.

Our #7/30
Our #7/30 | Source

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