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Outdoor Date Ideas for Winter

Updated on October 24, 2014

The frigid temperatures of winter cause many couples to retreat to the warmth of the indoors compared to the limitless outdoor options during the warmer months. Even though it may be cold outside, this doesn't always mean that you winter date options should solely be confined to indoor venues. There are many outdoor date ideas during the wintertime. In fact, some of these can only be enjoyed during the winter time.

Outdoor dates take a little more preparation and planning ahead to make it more enjoyable. If you plan an outdoor date during the winter, be sure to dress appropriately. You can also plan most outdoor winter dates close to inside shelter to warm up for a bit before heading back out into the cold.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is always a popular activity during the winter months. What better way to enjoy this activity than with a date. This allows you the freedom of conversation to get to know each other without seeming to awkward. On the other hand if you really like the person, this is a good time to be a little clumsy as an excuse to fall into each others’ arms.


Skiing is another popular outdoor winter activity. Many couples take weekend trips to ski lodges. However, for the first date a weekend away may not be the appropriate thing to do. Consider a just a day of skiing. It still holds the romantic factor as you get to know each other without any false expectations attached. If skiing isn’t your thing, consider snowboarding instead.


Perhaps you don’t have an outdoor ice skating rink or a ski lodge close by but you have plenty of snow to build an army of snowmen. What better way to get close and personal with your date than sharing a sled. If you aren’t ready to get that close yet, use two sleds. Regardless, you are bound to have some winter fun while breaking the ice.

Play in the Snow

Playing in the snow is a great way to show the fun side of your personality. Build a snow fort or a snow man together. Have a snowball fight. The winner has to buy the loser a cup of hot cocoa. This outdoor winter activity leaves the awkwardness of keeping the conversation going with some whimsical winter fun.


Consider renting a campground spot. Be sure to grab some blankets. You and your date could enjoy making s’mores and drinking hot cocoa by a campfire. This allows for some good conversation while you cuddle by the fire. If you can’t rent a campground, consider doing this by an outdoor fire pit.

Horse Draw Carriage Ride

What is more romantic than a horse drawn carriage ride? If available in your town, consider taking a ride or two in this fairy tale setting. It allows you to have great conversation to get to know each other without interruption. It will also create one of the most memorable dates yet. Of course, topping this for the second date is going to take some ingenuity.


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Horseback riding

Consider renting horses for the day and go on a horseback ride. Perhaps it is a laid back ride with great conversation or a race to see who buys who dinner. Regardless, this is another date that is sure to be remembered.


Winter time has some of the best star-gazing. The sky seems to light up with a trillion stars, not to mention some constellations are only visible during the winter months. Pick a great location with minimal to no lights. Lay out an open sleeping bag on the hood of the car. Grab some more blankets to cover up with while you have the opportunity to snuggle close to each other. A midst conversation and hot drinks, try to find as many constellations as you can. Who knows, you may pick out a star together so that every time you see it you will think of each other.

Holiday Lights

Winter starts off with the holiday season. Many residents and business decorate their windows and lawns with holiday lights. Drive around until you find an area with the most lights. Then get out and take a stroll while admiring the beautiful displays.

Christmas Caroling

Some local churches may offer Christmas caroling events to participate in. This is a great way to spend a first date without feeling pressured to be alone. If you would prefer to be alone and what to exhibit your more bold side, consider caroling down a neighborhood just the two of you. It is sure cause laughter on both of your parts but create a very memorable first date. It will show that you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and take a risk just for the sake of having some fun.

Go to the Zoo

If your town has a zoo, this is an excellent way to spend the day on a first date. Most zoos have several outdoor exhibits as well as a few indoor ones as well. So when you feel like warming up, you can go in for awhile. Spend the day not only learning about each other but learning about the animals during the winter time.

The key to successful outdoor first dates during the winter is just to relax and communicate with your partner. It doesn’t take a whole lot of creativity to create a romantic first date that doesn’t leave you stuck indoors. So get out and enjoy yourselves.

© 2014 L Sarhan


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