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Outdoor Weddings

Updated on October 15, 2010

Planning your outdoor wedding

Outdoor Wedding Tips and Ideas

If you are planning to have your wedding outdoors

* You will still need to choose a theme for your wedding, so that you can incorporate it throughout the location you choose. For example we will go with a textured theme of woven baskets, bamboo accessories, wicker, rattan, textured charger plates etc.

* Critically important will be for you to map out and design the area for your food, seating, disposal for easy clean up where things will run smoothly, efficient and not chaotic, also don't forget about parking for your guest.

Round Tables: average round tables will measure 48 inches and will take up less space, you can comfortable seat 10 people = 10 chairs

Long Tables: If you are using some or all long tables, you can place 3 tables in a U shape or 4 tables in a square. Make sure you are comfortable with your design before you call to book your tables from the rental company you chose, because you may need multiple size tables depending on your design. You can usually rent all your supplies and decorations from 1 rental company which will be easier for you when dealing with pickup, delivery or anything else that might accrue.

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* Ideas:

For your walkway or aisle, you can line it with rose petals or incorporate your textured them with flowers placed in woven baskets.

Woven fans for your guest. Monogram your logo or initials on them and tie a ribbon for an added touch


Swag garland and lights(which usually come together as a set) from your tents and/or hang lanterns from your patio, gazebo

Ice Sculpture:

If you will have an ice sculpture, see if you could get 2 additional ice blocks, instead of having to pay for a whole ice bar so that you can place fresh fruit or cocktail shrimp around your ice sculpture.

* Take into consideration that even though it's your vendors responsibility to know which foods work best in what temperatures. You don't want food to spoil and you don't want your wedding cake to melt. Buttercream icing and hot temperatures DO NOT MIX, fondant covered cakes are better when dealing with hot weather. This is all depending what time of year you are getting married, so it's good to have a back up plan.


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