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Overweight Women have soulmates too

Updated on October 6, 2010

Overweight Women Have Soulmates Too

This article is dedicated to the single overweight woman who is healthy, happy and content with her life and who she is. However, there will be a time when she will desire to be loved by the opposite sex, and will realize it is a difficult journey finding her one and only. Everyone has a soulmate out there, it's just a matter of time before you meet them.

You've been to all of your thinner girlfriend's, weddings and you're fed up with being drafted into becoming a bridesmaid, where many times you ended up wearing something that made you look like Barney, the heels you wore were killing you and your pantyhose had your inner thighs chaff and to top it all off, you ended up sitting at a table in the corner at the reception while you watched everyone dance and have a good time. Many of your girlfriends met someone special at the wedding. making you a bridesmaid once again.

There were many weekends you spent home alone watching television and eating junk food, wishing you were out on a date instead with someone half as nice as the guys some of your friend's married and the other half are dating, No one told you it couldn't happen for you. First of all, you have to stop pitying yourself and devote most of your time becoming a social butterfly. Go to the parties your friend's invites you to, even if you think you're going to end up watching everyone have a good time.

Tell a funny joke you've heard, strike up conversations with random people at the party and ask someone to dance; don't be bashful. You should always smile and display a happy personality. Usually people are drawn to others who seem happy with themselves. Don't believe the hype about overweight people having low self esteem, that may be true with overweight people or underweight people who are not happy with themselves or their lives, but it's not true for the other half who are happy and content with their lives.

If you feel that you should lose some weight, do something about it. There are many programs like Weight Watchers and NutraSystem that can aid you on your quest to losing weight and it can be successful only if you are serious about losing weight. Joining a gym or fitness center can be a great place to meet others who are in the same boat as you are.

Get a makeover, change your hairstyle or purchase clothing that is in style and add it to your happy personality and you will be sure to attract the opposite sex in no time.

Being shallow will get you nowhere, so the next time the chubby guy who works in the mail room at your place of employment ask you out for coffee, don't frown at him and decline his offer, you just might be surprised to later learn that he is your soulmate.

Perhaps it seems as if you've tried everything to find a nice guy and nothing is working for you. Needless to say, you haven't tried some of the online dating sites such as Eharmony and that specifically match's you up with someone based on personality. There are also BBW personals online where you can meet someone who does not mind your weight and who looks at the spirit and heart of a person.












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