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PDA'S Public Displays of Affection: When is it too public

Updated on November 6, 2011

Public Displays of Affection: When Is It Too Much?

Science has proven that we all need human touch affection and interaction. When we receive these things the human body reacts in a positive way. One single touch has the power to reduce stress, heal, and relax the body. When we don't make a physical connection, the reverse happens to our bodies. We become tense and make our body susceptible to various types of ailments. And yet for all the great things that the human touch has to offer, there are those individuals that take this most personal form of affection to a new low when they proceed to go overboard in public.  How many times have we seen two individuals engaged in an intimate moment that for all intensive purposes, should be expressed in a more private setting. Now have to admit to being a bit conservative when it comes to public displays of affection, but even I know when something is over the top.  And if I think it's too much imagine what  young children are saying when they see this.  Yes that kiss on the cheek or that very warm embrace can do wonders for the human body if it is done in a way that does not border on a scene from an X rated movie. Public Displays of Affection or PDAs have often come under fire from many individuals in the area of education.  Administrators  have mandated in many cases that  classroom teachers not touch or hug students in any fashion  in order that the touch or hug  not become misconstrued by the student.   This has to be very hard for those teachers of students who are in k-5 grade where trying to calm a crying child on the first day of school or calming many other types of worry or fear is  eased by the basic touch or hug.  What are they to do?   The jury is still out on that answer   Still we have to be aware that while some children welcome the hugs, other are apprehensive and don't want or appreciate the embrace.  Any public display of affective should always be something that the individual receiving the affection wants.

So in conclusion lets try to keep our public displays of affection at a level where they are always welcome and appreciated not only by the receiver but, by those who are in a position to witness the feelings that are being expressed by the individuals in question. Second lets be conscious of the fact that children are impressionable so don't do something in front of them that you would not want them imitating in public.  Also be aware that  schools are cracking down on teacher student public displays of affection  in response to situations where the affection has gone further than just touching. We all need the human touch and embrace.  When we are in the public eye let remember that the world is watching not only what we do but the way we do it!


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    • nobleink profile image

      nobleink 6 years ago

      i hate PDA's. maybe because i'm single now. it's fun when i'm not. lol. but some people do go WAY overboard.

    • profile image

      GABE 6 years ago

      This blog is GREAT!!!! I'll give it two thumbs up ^_^