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Updated on January 12, 2011

to live again


If you can turn back the time, what could be one thing you will do or will not do?  If you ask me, honestly, I can’t pick just one because I had so much things that I wish I did or did not.   You remember the times when boys would make their own kites and fly in the open, and girls were fond of their rag dolls?  When houses within 2 miles radius were your neighbours?  When you can ask a cold glass of water to any store or restaurant for free because bottled water didn’t exist yet?  When your money is worth the goods you bought?  Call me nostalgic, but those were the good times!  Find me a reason to say “better times are yet to be” and you can brand me as “wishful thinker” or outright “delusional”.  Yet I find it necessary to hope that better times are yet to be, and like any other old geezer, I reserve the right to feel the way I feel.


Now, If I can re-live my life over – I would try to talk a lot less and listen more; I would be more kind and gentle to everybody; I would be more understanding to the marginalized; I would try to be generous even to the undeserving; I would restrain more myself when angry to avoid bias; I would esteem others as much as myself;  I would be honest to all and would never lie; I would count the cost many times over before embarking on a venture; I would not waste my time with unfruitful  things;  I would argue less and be more considerate to  the opposition’s stand;  I would say “thank you” and “I am sorry” more often, and really mean it; I would say to my wife and kids “I love you” everyday and in every opportunity;  I would be more forgiving and not holding grudge;  I would only talk of pleasant things, always encouraging, never back-biting; I would see other people’s opinion with high regard and respect; I would make my parents feel how much they mean to me; I would probably be a vegetarian or a wellness disciple; I would spend more time with my family other than work or outside social functions or in front of TV; I would l travel more to see places and meet people; I would do my best to be friendly, hospitable and accommodating; I will see to it that I keep my word,  that I can be trusted;  I would laugh more and avoid getting grumpy;  I would attempt to learn a new skill every year; I would be more patient and not critical to mistakes of others; I would never entertain any form of discrimination; I would endeavour to uphold the highest moral standard possible; and if that is not even enough – I would try to be godly at all times.

Now don’t write me off yet.  These things I should have done because all of them are doable, but I didn’t.  Worse – it took me more than 50 years to learn to do what I should have done years back.  That’s a lot of time wasted!  Those of you, living lives similar to mine – how will you re-live your life if you can wind back time and do all over again?  Fact is – you can’t.  Even if you can – will you do it or run the same race you did?  Our lives - once spent is like an arrow; once you release  – it just flew  to kill; can never be retrieved.  It’s not like that ball game or a TV show that you can replay to your heart’s desire.  You only have one shot in this life. But there are lots of chances to amend.  Along the way we mess up but we can change directions and that is the good news.  There is always a second chance even when we can’t change the past.  Oh sure – you may think you re-incarnate anyway, but if you will – will you be given a choice?  Will it be better or worse?  Who formulated such thoughts anyway?  So then it remained unproven, untested; bottom-line is – just another wishful thinking.  So here we are, trying to pretend being socially functional when most of the time – most of us aren’t.  With the remaining short time to spend on planet earth, still we can choose to live a full life – short as it may!

Now listen! It is decreed that we only pass this way once. Struggle is part of the passage and we all end to the grave sooner or later. The toll is 100%, it has been always that way, still is and will ever be. For (19By the sweat of your face will you eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For you are dust, and to dust you shall return.” (Gen 3:19) as the scripture said.

However, to all humanity - a great hope was inculcated in each longing heart. We can’t work it out on our own. But if you just believe, Jesus said: I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly. (John 10:10) Call me naïve but I got all the reason to trust those words. After more than 50 years – I am now learning to re-live my life over because of that trust. God knew how many I’ve hurt with just my careless words, but that is changing! So if you are to re-live your life over again – what will you do?  That my friend is palingenesis! In Greek - it is re-birth, but for what?  It's time to find your reason!



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