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Party Guys Are Not Always Fun To Date

Updated on December 29, 2014

Some girls feel that the bad boys are fun and the nice guys are boring. Girls go out to meet guys and the guys that love to party they can't help but fall for. Once you are in a relationship with the party guy you will see that he is not so much fun.

The party guy is the type of guy that girls love. They are fun to be with and have a way of making you laugh. When it comes to being in a realtionship with the party guy, that is a different story.

Guys who love to party will break your heart. All they care about is getting drunk and hooking up. They might even find ways to get you drunk just so they could hook up with you. Guys who like to party are not guys who you would bring home to meet your parents.

You do not want to bring them home to meet your parents because your parents will not like them. They will see how he treats you and what type of person he is. Parents care and want the best for their child. If they do not agree what the guy their daughter brings home than they probably have a good reason.

The party guy will have no problem hooking up with your best friend right after you break up. It could be worse and you could be with the party guy and he could be cheating on you with your best friend.

Do you really want a guy who does not remember half of what he does or your dates because he is always drunk?

There is nothing wrong with a guy socially drinking but when he choses goig to a bar and getting wasted over going on a romantic date with you, that is a probem. When you are in a relationship with someone you should be his priority. He should want to spend his weekends with you and if he wants to go to to a bar to meet his friends he should bring you.

The guy who likes to party is not usually the guy who wants a relationship. The guy who likes to party will lie to a girl and tell her anything and everything she wants to hear so he could get her in bed.

When you fall for the guy who loves to party you are setting yourself up to get hurt. He will, lie, cheat and hurt you. He will not be there for you when you need him but will contact you when it is good for him. He will mistake your kindness for weakness.

Do you want a guy to brag about you to all his family and friends? Forget about the party guy doing that. The party guy might not even tell people he knows about you. He may refer to you as "a friend" or worse "Some girl I know." He won't introduce you to people he knows. He will not attend family parties with you. He will avoid going to family parties because that is too much of a commiment for him and he does not want that.

A party guy is selfish and he will not be there for you when you need him most. He will be drunk and go to strip clubs. Yes guys do want sex but this guy will want it with a different girl every night. He might even only hook up with you when he wants to. Be careful not to be "a booty call." That is with this guy is after.

If you want love you are not going to find it with a party guy. It is very hard to pin a party guy down. Party guys do not want to settle. They do not want a relationship and even though they are fun to be around they make the worst boyfriends.

Try going for the sweet guy. Sweet guys are fun because they know how to make a girl feel special and most of all they mean it. With a sweet guy there is love, trust and you will avoid heartbreak. Be with someone who knows how to treat you.

Have you ever fell for the party guy before?

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