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People are never happy

Updated on August 3, 2010

I prefer animals to people

      I must admit this I am truly NOT a people person.  I am not a fan of people.  Well maybe its not fair to say people, CERTAIN people.    As a teacher, I dreaded parent teacher conferences because I preferred to spend time with the children rather than their parents.  Most children have not been permanently molded yet.  They can be enjoyable.  Many adults have made themselves into people that I would truly rather than spend time with.

    For instance, intra-office relationships.  I can truly understand keeping romance out of the office, I am totally for that.  However, when bosses take advantage of their status over someone and offer their opinions of how they spend their personal time, I take great offense.  It's truly none of their business.  If the work is completed and the employee is satisfactory, then they do not have to join in with the rest of the crew for drinks at the bar afterwards, they may prefer to go home and cuddle up with a book or call their sweet heart, or perhaps go outside and thow a ball with their child.  That is their own choice.  One does not have to be "one of the crowd" other than performing their job as hired.

    What happens is that persons of "power" and status have the money and the titles, but often do not have the happiness. Therefore, they choose to rob it from those who do.  It also irks me when an employee performs their job well and is "punished" because the superior does not want to be "shown up" in front on their superiors.  Rather than be pleased that those in their command are doing well, they hold them down.  Its ridiculous.  However, its proof that the more you have does not make you happy.

    Children for example, you often see the child who has every single toy and all name brand clothes throwing themselves on the floor screaming in the stores and the restaurants.  On the other hand, the child how has limited supply of personal items, tends to appreciate what they have and therefore take care of it.  We can be wealthy with money and still take the time to give of ourselves to our children. it is much more important.  Believe me, I know this as a teacher and as a parent.

     So I love dogs, they love you unconditionally.  They never lay down plots to hurt you or to cause problems for you.  They are always happy to see you.  They only ask for love.  Love is what matters.  Perhaps if those who are mean and vindicative understood love, they would be different.


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    • ladyt11 profile image


      8 years ago

      i agree with raisingme. there are a lot of good people in the world but unfortunately we sometimes by choice or, just by living life have to go thru or bump into the rotten ones to get to them. i take comfort in the fact that there are some really good people in the world who are caring and loving and are awesome friends who understand the importance of supporting and pouring into one another with respect and sincerity no matter the circumstance or situation.

    • raisingme profile image


      8 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      When one finds a person who is not busying themselves making nothing or less of others but who is contributing to and supporting and making more of others and their attributes and abilities one has found gold. Those among us who lend themselves to others, as do many good and caring teachers they deserve to be treated like gold. We need more of them. I love those kind of people and I love dogs too!


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