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Perfect relationship – Just look at the oil and its flow!

Updated on May 5, 2020
ShoZibSays profile image

Graduate in Arts with English. Master in Social Work. I think. I feel. I write.

Perfect relationship – Just look at the oil and its flow!

Ever wonder who are the best people to be a couple? Matching zodiacs or likes and dislikes usually never help and never come with the best result. The views, the ideas, the etiquette, the philosophy, everything can deceive. We never say what all we know and, for sure, never believe what all we hear. He would never tell he wears same socks and underwear inside out the next day and she would hide her craving to smell her earwax.

To be on the safe side, nothing helps; all what we can do is just let it flow. Perfect relationships don’t happen overnight. There is no instant formula for a good and successful relationship. It takes devotion, cooperation, trust, willingness to change if needed, forgiveness and, yes, above all, effort.

The base of all intimate relationships is romance. So, before you check the big list of dos and don’ts in a relationship, you need to kindle the fire of romance in your relationship and then later think of making it a perfect one. The goal of any relationship is to have romance, living happily, and move on until we are feeling bored or death makes us apart. The romance is not only about loving but getting loved. Love is both ways, one-sided and two-sided. You can love someone with all your heart but the other person has no feelings for you but still its love though one-sided. But, relationship is never one-sided; it has to be two-sided. Relationship is a bike; you need to have two wheels, you cannot run with one wheel or push it or drag it throughout your journey. Relationship is like clapping; you need two hands to clap.

Most relationships start with the basic – We see. We smile. We are in. Everything what is good or bad, if and buts, this or that will come with time; so just relax, go in and look at the oil and its flow! Relationship is no less than a pregnancy. We conceive it with no plans, start meeting daily, talking always, long drives, when confident enough then jump into the bed and it flows. Every day with new hopes and new excitement we move on with the relationship and it keeps flowing. Starting a relationship and staying in a relationship are two different aspects where the former is easy and the latter is the real test. Actually, it is not about relationships, anything we do in life, starting is easy but staying takes a lot of effort, commitment, cooperation, and honesty.

Now, the million-dollar question, where is the perfection. Let it be loud and clear, perfection is not a destination. Those who assume perfection as a destination, they are in confusion. It’s never like if the relationship lasts for a decade or two or a half century, only that is the perfect one. Perfection is a journey. Sometimes perfection lasts for weeks only, sometimes it goes on for months or years and sometimes, yeah, it’s for decades or a life but no perfection is lesser or greater than others. What matter is not the clock or the calendar but the moments you spend together, and that’s what called quality time. To be together in bed tops the list of quality time with no question of doubt. Then, you need to do other tasks together which attract both of you on a regular basis, never stop communicating as communication is the key, be a good listener as communication is also two sided, exchange gifts, exchange praises, and last but not the least be ready for the ups and downs. Troubles never describe a relationship. Troubles are part of life and it ends with death. Troubles, if handled with care, are just emojis – upset, frown, angry and with another click change to happy!

Being a perfect couple for a moment is the key for the success in a relationship. It’s no issue if you had more than one relationships in life and you enjoyed every moment during the relationship and the togetherness was full of love then relationships were prefect for that period. The moments we spend together in a relationship are the key that describes a perfect relationship or a perfect couple and not a clock or a calendar. So, just believe what ShoZib says, “Enjoy the moment with fullness as that’s moment of perfection and just let it flow!”


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