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Pheko Doc Bongiwe Nkgwete "Qwuddles" and Thembani "Young Prof'‎. .

Updated on July 29, 2016

My gift to my niece, nephew and the Tlailane Family.

Pheko Doc Bongiwe Nkgwete "Qwuddles" and Thembani "Young Prof'‎. Thank you for believing me.

Pheko Doc Bongiwe Nkgwete "Qwiddles" and Thembani "Young Prof'‎.
Thank you for believing me.

I quit weed 27th of December 2014 the day we went on holiday to the Vaal Dam.

My concious said Nkosinathi you ungrateful spoiled brat, what are you doing with your life?

Look how hard Bongiwe tries to take care of you.

Pheko welcomed you into your parents home and his home with Bongi, what have you done to show that you are thankful?

I ran to mama Sebulelos room and I started crying.A voice inside my head said no more.

I have not smoked weed in 20 months.

Thank you for not giving up on me.

Since 2014 to date I have accumulated 13 thousand rand worth of assets.

A MTN Modem A radioA Canon printer A 28 inch TV Telrfunken
Xbox 360 and a spare controller and spar controller charging usb

I painted the family townhouse which Nkgwete and his sister will inherit, because of the love you showed me, I could never find a greater love that the unconditional love I have for my niece and nephew.

I plan to work and study Psychology or English Literature at UNISA and lecture and get two more paid up properties for the Tlailane decendence KG Kalafos son, sisi Thlabis children.

I am sober, I do not wish to get married and have a family of my own.

I am my Dad's only Son on earth I am the last Ncala King of my family tree, my life is dedicated to being there unconditionally for my ‎ niece Thembani and nephew Nkgwete.

We can make our own plans We can dream

All I ask is to have two more properties for my niece and nephew.

Yet life has a wicked sense of reality.

Reality should God decide all I needed to do on earth is done.

Should I die in my sleep or unaware death is calling.

I know what is unconditional love the union of my mum and dad.

My sister has been there for me every step of the way.

Pheko Buthi you have never left my sisters side.
I leave behind a townhouse and a monthly rental income of R6000 for my sister her children and the tlailane dependents.
There is no feeling of success and achievement the way I bond with my niece and nephew, without a shadow of doubt Nkgwete knows I adore him.

Thank you Pheko for loving my sister unconditionally.Thank you for raising your children in the palms of comfort in waterkloof.Getting the most estute Education in waterkloof.

Thank you for being great human beings.

Lots of Love Uncle Nathi

Young Dillinger

Lucifers Angel.

God's Poet Nkosinathi Renascence Me Ncala


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