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Pheromone Perfumes: Do They Work?

Updated on October 30, 2015

The body usually produces fewer hormones as you grow older. This causes changes in the body and in your interactions with people. Pheromones are naturally-produced hormones that will be diminished over time, making it hard for an individual to look attractive and approachable to other people. Such is the reason why pheromone perfumes or colognes have been devised. But do these pheromone perfumes actually work?

What Can Pheromones Do?

Pheromones are secreted by the body when you are in the presence of a person you like. While pheromones don’t have a very distinct smell, an individual can feel attracted to you just because of your pheromones. As a young adult, your pheromone levels will be high, but as you grow older, these levels diminish. This poses a problem for those wanting to increase intimacy with their partner or those still looking for a partner. Pheromone perfumes exist to help increase your pheromone levels again, but this time instead of the body producing it, it comes from perfumes. These perfumes or colognes contain a concentration of pheromones that have the same effect as the natural ones.

In theory, pheromones can have a variety of effects. Some men can seem superior over other men when in a crowd, while others will be approachable in the eyes of women. Women can also look more attractive to a man when using pheromone colognes.

The Scent of Pheromones

Pheromones do not have a distinct smell. In fact, most of these come odorless even though the person being affected by them may smell something that can either attract or repel them. A first time user of pheromone colognes should always remember that pheromones will affect people differently. Some who are sensitive to the smell will be attracted to you, while others who are not so sensitive might not be affected at all. The amount of perfume you use also affects the scent. A normal scent will induce the right effect for most people, while using too much might repel people because they think you are too intimidating or scary.

Pheromone perfumes exist for men and women. Men should use the pheromones that make them smell more masculine to attract women. Even if a man is aiming to attract other men, the same pheromones should be used. Women are advised to use pheromones that make them seem more attractive to a man. For those wanting to attract both sexes, pheromones containing both male and female hormones can be used.

How to Use Pheromones

To use pheromone perfumes, you will need an eyedropper or a spray bottle. Make sure not to touch the end of the eyedropper or spray when applying the pheromones in order to control the amount you use. One drop on your wrist should be enough. Before setting out to meet new people and try the effects of the pheromone, be aware of these reminders:

  • Pheromone perfumes only last a couple of hours when applied on the skin. Some people argue that it’s more effective to put the pheromones directly on the skin to mimic its natural placement, but this exposes the pheromones to various things such as sweat and acidity which will affect its lasting power. When applied directly on the skin, pheromones will only last for about 6-8 hours, sometimes even shorter for others.

  • Pheromone perfumes only affect someone in close proximity. If there is someone in particular that you want to attract, make sure that you are sitting close to them. Do not expect that everyone in the room will suddenly be attracted to you when you walk in wearing pheromone perfumes. Even if you increase the dosage you use, you will not widen the proximity of people affected by it. In fact, you may ruin your chances by using more perfume because the effect will be heightened and could be seen negatively.

  • Pheromones will have varied effects. One woman standing near a man wearing pheromone perfumes may find him to be an Alpha male and be attracted to his masculinity, while another woman sitting in an equal distance could not be affected at all. This is because each individual has a different sensitivity to pheromones. A certain percentage of men are not affected by pheromones.

  • Some people are not affected by pheromones. If there seems to be no result from that woman you want to strike a conversation with, try moving to a different position and see if a different woman will be affected. If you are a man, make sure that you are not one of the 20% of men who do not smell pheromones. This will be problematic when you can’t assess the amount of pheromones you use. It may not seem like much to you, but you may already be affecting others negatively. If you see no effect in people, or if the effects seem to be negative for most of them, try a different product.

  • Pheromones need to be washed off. One thing you need to avoid is pheromone buildup. Especially when put the pheromones on your clothes, they need to be washed off, otherwise they will stay there for a longer time.

Effects of Pheromone Build-Up

Unlike perfumes, pheromones do not dissipate completely after a couple of hours. Some of them are left on the skin or clothes. This is one of the reasons why you are advised not to touch the pheromone perfume directly, since the contact will leave more pheromone on your hands than expected. Here are two things you should watch out for to know whether you have pheromone buildup:

  • People tend to stay away from you because they seem intimidated or afraid.
  • People tend to show better reactions on days when you aren’t wearing the pheromone perfume.

If you are unaware of pheromone buildup, you might continue using more perfume and cause negative reactions from people around you. Think of it this way. Without removing the buildup of pheromones, the enhanced masculinity you exuded yesterday will be added to the masculinity you are trying to exude today by wearing more perfume. If this continues for the next couple of days, people will see a very masculine person who is not easy to approach. For people with more sensitivity to pheromones, you will be downright scary. Women with a pheromone buildup can notice hostile behavior from their female colleagues.

If this seems to be the case, try not using pheromones for a couple of days. Wash the areas where pheromones were applied to get rid of them. People are recommended to start with a very small amount of pheromone until the desired effect is achieved.

Do They Affect Everyone?

Do pheromones actually work? Since they are a synthetic reproduction of natural hormones produced by the body, they will have the same effect as the natural ones. But just like the natural pheromones, these perfumes will not work on everyone. Be realistic in your expectations when wearing pheromone perfumes. You will not suddenly be the most attractive person in everyone’s eyes. With the right amount, however, you can get desirable effects in the form of people wanting to interact with you more and wanting to spend more time talking with you. Some also experience friends suddenly wanting to be close to them physically.

There is nothing wrong with using pheromones to get some attention, but everyone aiming to use it should be careful in doing so. Proper practice such as knowing how to apply it properly, knowing the amount to use, and remembering to wash it off afterwards should give good results.

Have you tried using pheromone perfumes?

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  • kgmonline profile imageAUTHOR

    Geri MIleff 

    4 years ago from Czech Republic

    That is absolutely true, @dashingscorpio! After all, the physical appearance of a person is not the sole basis for love and affection. Thank you so much for sharing your eye-opening opinions. :)

  • dashingscorpio profile image


    4 years ago

    kgmonline, Thanks for providing additional clarification.

    I completely agree with you that so many people (believe) they are unable to attract others. I find myself constantly reminding them that there are over 7 Billion people on the planet! Odds are in everyone's favor there are a few people that would each of us attractive. They need a "global approach".

    Go to any grocery store, Wal-Mart, park, beach, movie theatre, mall, or even church and you're likely to see people whom you find unattractive and yet they have a mate or spouse with them! (tall, short, fat, skinny, missing teeth, crossed eyes, pigeon toed, rich, poor, white/black/Latino/Asian and all around the globe there is proof that "looks" alone don't stop people from finding love.

    One man's opinion!:)

  • kgmonline profile imageAUTHOR

    Geri MIleff 

    4 years ago from Czech Republic

    You have raised very valid points, @dashingscorpio. We think that the idea of using pheromones is to boost confidence in a way, particularly for people who think they are unattractive and cannot find someone to like or love them back. It is not necessarily to "magnet" everyone who sees them, even their relatives--that would be a fiasco, wouldn't it?

    "While pheromones don’t have a very distinct smell, an individual can feel attracted to you just because of your pheromones. As a young adult, your pheromone levels will be high, but as you grow older, these levels diminish. " --In relation to this statement, it is true that when we get older, our pheromone levels diminish because as with all other components of the human body, these chemicals that are acting outside our bodies and inciting a certain response from the opposite sex will also deteriorate as we age. There are different kinds of pheromones and in this post, the topic refers to the sex pheromones and the synthetic pheromones (perfumes) in particular. It was also stated that the sensitivity of different individuals to these synthetic pheromones varies from person to person.

    We also believe that attraction or beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and these scientific things are just a part of a bigger whole. :)

    Thank you so much for your interesting insights. :)

  • dashingscorpio profile image


    4 years ago

    Actually I tend to feel this is a rip off. However I'm not against anyone making a buck. There are millions of people who are looking for some type of "gender shortcut" or "secret way" to attract the opposite sex to them subliminally or without having to risk the possibility of being "rejected"

    "While pheromones don’t have a very distinct smell, an individual can feel attracted to you just because of your pheromones. As a young adult, your pheromone levels will be high, but as you grow older, these levels diminish. "

    Could it also be true that when you were younger you were "hotter looking"? Most people were in better shape, their skin was wrinkle free, the whites of their eyes were still white, their hair was silky smooth, and walked around with a positive energy due their belief that anything was possible!

    Anyone with a face filled with wrinkles, a pot gut with love handles, thinning coarse hair, discolored teeth, liver spotted hands, stretch marks , cellulite, and varicose veins is kidding themselves it they believe a couple of drops of pheromones is going to turn them into a "magnet of attraction".

    Lastly if pheromones really could override one's senses to the point of making them attracted to people they'd "otherwise overlook" that would mean one's father, mother, aunts, uncles, siblings and other family members would suddenly find you irresistible as well! They wouldn't be able to help themselves! After all the pheromones attracts the gender without them being aware of why.

    The reality is there is nothing you can buy that would cause men or women to form a line and follow you around. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you are considered "unattractive" especially in the eyes of a man he's not likely to approach you and ask you out on a date. One man's opinion! :)

  • kgmonline profile imageAUTHOR

    Geri MIleff 

    4 years ago from Czech Republic

    We're glad that you think so, @sujaya. Thanks! :)

  • sujaya venkatesh profile image

    sujaya venkatesh 

    4 years ago

    an interesting hub


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