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Picking Your Perfect Wedding Date

Updated on September 21, 2013

When considering your wedding day, it's more difficult than you'd think to pick the one perfect day out of the 365 days you have to choose from. Do you pick a holiday? What about the day you met? What about your friends' and families' schedules?

All of these questions are very important to consider, and we'll talk about each and every one. For the time being, let's start with the two of you. This is going to take some more communication of the part of both of you!

One Special Day

Begin communicating about when you'd like to get married by considering any moments during your relationship that really hold special meaning to the two of you. What about the day you first met or the day you officially became a couple?

Maybe you had a exceptionally memorable time in your relationship or you want to duplicate the day he proposed and she said yes. Did you have a special birthday? Did you make a big cross-country move that signaled a new era in your lives?

This is definitely the most popular way to choose a wedding date simply due to the significance placed on that single date in time. A theme is then easy to develop and then you can move on to other considerations for your perfect date.

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Major Holidays

If you are still searching for just the right day, consider all of the made to order wedding dates already available to you. Who hasn't considered a Valentine's Day wedding or New Year's nuptials? These holidays already have a great theme and are perfect for romance. Think about red roses, chocolate cake, and pink bridesmaids' gowns for a gorgeous love themed event. Every Valentine's Day you would have a special reason to celebrate.

Fireworks, champagne, and lots of kissing adorn New Year's weddings. Think about saying your "I dos" at midnight with the whole world celebrating with you! But these two holidays aren't your only options. Many couples choose Thanksgiving and Christmas for their wedding dates because they know that friends and family will already be gathered to share this time together. You could save on your wedding catering as a feast will already be made to order, and your guests will greatly appreciate the savings on travel fees, as they would have been gathered anyway. This is a win on both sides!

Maybe you have another holiday in mind. A Halloween wedding may be right up your alley, or maybe the Fourth of July is ideal. You have so many holidays to choose from throughout the year. There's bound to be one perfect for you.



Finding that perfect day might be a little more challenging than you originally anticipated. No worries. With four uniquely extraordinary seasons at your disposal, if you can choose just one, maybe that elusive day will come out of hiding for you.

I know, throughout my life, autumn, with its gorgeous reds, browns, oranges, and yellows, has always been my favorite season. For years I've dreamed of a fall wedding decorated with fall leaves, acorns, pinecones, and tons of gorgeous candlelight.

Consider the attributes of each season, and the months included therein, to find your ideal fit. A winter wedding would be beautiful just about anywhere, and lends to colors such as silvers, blues, purples, and even reds and greens. Snowflakes, feathers, and fur wraps would be an incredible addition to any winter wedding. Spring brings thoughts of growth, love, and new beginnings. You will likely see pastels in blues, greens, purples, yellows, and pinks. Tables would be adorned with signs of new life, like birds' nests filled with eggs, and beautiful spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, calla lilies, and gerbera daisies.

Summertime usually means beach weddings! These weddings are typically adorned with seashells, sand, and lighthouses, alongside beautiful fans and a variety of gorgeous flowers. So many themes fit well in this season, but most couples lean towards blues and reds for their colors. This is also where we see so many unique, vibrantly dyed flowers come on stage.

And finally, for fall weddings, Halloween and Thanksgiving usually play a huge part in these celebrations. Reds, oranges, and browns are prominent as well as leaves and pumpkins. Beautiful flowers that are usually seen at this time of year include chrysanthemums, coreopsis, sunflowers, goldenrod and asters in all of the fall shades. Obviously you can make any wedding your own regardless of the season, and by no means have any rules to follow.

Wedding Binders

In order to stay on top of all of the important details of your wedding, keep up with your contracts and receipts, and always know exactly where you are at all times on your wedding budget and guest list, it's critical to keep everything organized in a wedding binder/planner from the very beginning.

Considering seasons opens up so many more options for your amazing wedding though. Our country has a wide variety of beautiful states, each known for its unique way of expressing the seasons. For an incredible winter wedding, Connecticut, Wyoming, and North Carolina offer some of the most breathtaking winter landscapes you could ever hope to see. In the fall months you would be remiss not to see the unbelievable foliage the states of Virginia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania boast. Many travel great lengths to the East Coast just to experience the changing colors.

In the summertime, our country's coastlines are definitely the perfect places for weddings. Some of the most extraordinary coastlines in America include California, Florida, and even the Jersey shores. Of the most beautiful of the seasons, springtime has more options for amazing events and locations for your wedding Nationwide. You could take advantage of Yosemite National Park in California, or the gorgeous mountains and hiking in Springdale, Utah. Washington D.C. features their National Cherry Blossom Festival in the Spring and Newport, Rhode Island couldn't be more incredible.


However, before we finish, there are a few final tips I should share that would really come in handy for picking your perfect wedding date. Ideally, whether or not each of your guests will be able to attend should not factor into your wedding date. This celebration is about you and your fiance' pledging yourselves to eachother for all of time, but I know for many, those special people attending would make or break the event. Consider asking yourself if there is a time of year that would help or hinder guests traveling to or attending your event. Is there a day of the week that would be easier for most people?

Obviously, I'm not asking you to schedule your wedding around anyone else, but I know for our wedding, half of our guests were students and the other half were out of state. We knew that the only chance we had of getting anyone there was for us to schedule a summer wedding, so we scheduled it for the very first weekend after the semester ended for everyone. Both out of state family and all of our student friends were then able to make it and we made a whole weekend out of it!

Does your family have a particular time of the year that they are already getting together? Would planning your wedding at a certain time keep most of your guests away because of a big game, or a graduation, or even another wedding? Granted, you're not going to be able to plan for everything that might arise, but if you do some thinking ahead of time, you might find a day that works for you and for all of your guests.

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