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Teal Green, Yellow & Gold Wedding Theme

Updated on May 30, 2014
Do It Yourself wedding shoes and bouquets.It was all worth it!
Do It Yourself wedding shoes and bouquets.It was all worth it! | Source

Teal Green, Gold and Yellow Wedding Theme

It's official, the wedding colors are now teal-green, gold and light yellow!

When I got that email message from my sister informing me of her chosen wedding theme for which I plan to be an integral part, I was worried at first. Reason is, that teal-green wedding accessories is not that common back in Nigeria where the wedding will be taking place. So it became quickly apparent that I would be getting most of what was needed for the wedding here in the United States.

I wasted no time in calling her and we had a plan. I'll get the teal-green bouquet, her teal-green wedding shoes, the teal-green flower girls dresses, mini-bouquets and accessories. There were other teal-green essentials like, table-wares, table-covers, paper napkins that will also be my responsibility.

Everything white and yellow, her wedding-dress, the little bride's dress, and the veils, the traditional wedding outfit (tomato red and gold theme) for the bride, and gold theme for the groom, will be acquired in Nigeria. I will however, be responsible for the pair of red-shoes, and a pair of gold-shoes for the bride's traditional wedding.

This was going to be easy, I said to myself. So I hit the web searching for shoes, bags, flowers girls dresses and everything else in between.

It Was A Teal-Green Wedding

This wedding of my sister took place in Lagos, Nigeria.
This wedding of my sister took place in Lagos, Nigeria. | Source

The Task of Acquiring The Teal-Green Wedding Shoes

The task of getting a teal-green wedding shoe seems easy at first, but quickly became the task that demanded the majority of my time. Simply because it was difficult finding a shoe in teal-green that fits the bride's size, style-preference and heel-height. The bride and I wear the same size, so I was the tester, and if it didn't fit or feel comfortable enough on me, that would not work for this wedding.

Most online stores I visited either had the style and not the right size or heel height or vice versa. I ordered a few here and there that I ended up returning. Another problem with the teal-green wedding shoes was the fact that most that I liked were way above my budget (nothing over $150) for the teal-green shoes. Remember, I was also going to be responsible for the other shoes for the traditional wedding. We wanted a wedding that wouldn't cost an arm or leg.

Read On The Traditional Aspect of The Wedding

DIY Teal-Green Wedding Shoe At A Budget

After several weeks of shopping for the teal-green wedding shoe with no luck, I finally decided to buy a white one and have it dyed. It was the best decision I made in planning this wedding.

The white wedding shoes, came in the exact size, style and heel-height preference of the bride. And it cost only $39 a pair (plus shipping) from 6PM online shoe store.

The plan was to have it dyed. I approached a local David's Bridal store for the shoe dyeing service. I found they only dye wedding shoes bought from their stores. dyeing service. I simply select the color from the dye swatch book. It was a perfect match with all the other accessories I have acquired.

The total cost to dye the shoe was $12. So the entire cost of the teal-green wedding shoes was less that $60. Is that a bargain or what? See image below for the outcome.

Planning A Teal Green Wedding Theme

Which DIY Wedding Accessory Did You Like

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DIY Teal-Green Wedding Bouquet

So, now we got the shoes. Let's talk about the teal-green theme bouquet! I went searching on the web for wedding bouquet that falls within my budget of $100 or less. Little did I know that was going to be impossible. I sell on etsy, an online marketplace for all hand-made crafts, including wedding accessories. So, it was natural for me to go searching there too.

The bride wanted a bouquet that's made out of silk flower, but have the look of fresh flowers. We figured, since I'll be travelling over 3000 miles with it, that's the way to go. Needless to say, I didn't find any in the teal-green theme that we like.

We came to an agreement for me to make the bouquet. I make custom ring-bearer Pillow and Flower-girls Baskets for sale on etsy. But, I have never attempted a bouquet before. This was going to be my first and I was nervous about the outcome, especially since I have so little time before my departure for Nigeria.

I went to two of my local craft stores and bought me a dozen of rose silk flowers, and some other floral accessories. I got four off-whites, eight lime-green silk roses. I also bought an 8 fl. Oz. bottle of Rit (liquid dye - Teal), with the plan of dyeing four of the lime-green ones teal-green.

First, I experimented with one of the white and off-white rose as base using the dye. The result was a shade closer to teal blue. Then, I proceeded to dye the lime-green flowers. Those gave me the closest shade of teal-green that I wanted, without the glossy texture. Using the lime-green flowers as a base proved to be a success.

Ingredients for the DIY Teal-Green Bouquet

Silk Flowers
I got 4 off-whites, and 8 lime-green. Four of the lime-green flowers were dyed. The other four was used to accent the rest.
Beaded Florals
White/Off-white beaded flowers accents adds glamour to the bouquet.
Green Leaf Florals
Green silk foliages (leaves) gives bouquet a more natural look.
Teal Satin Ribbon
3 yd. spool - for floral stem cover
Rit Liquid Dye - Teal
8 fl. oz. bottle
Rhinestone Buttons (optional)
Glued to the center of flower petals to add the effect of bling
Glue gun/hot glue
For glueing and binding florals/foliages together.

Shop Etsy Market Place for Weddings

For every custom wedding needs, make Etsy Marketplace your first stop. From wedding gowns, to customized wedding accessories; you're sure to find all you need for that dream wedding.

Teal-Green Wedding Clutch At A Bargain

Getting a teal green wedding purse or clutch wasn't so easy. I initially had my eyes on a teal wedding clutch that was covered in rhinestones, to match the rhinestones design on the wedding shoes. This clutch would have cost me about $125. But, when I got ready to order, there was none in stock.

Then I found an etsy store that specializes on wedding clutches. The store name is Vanijja.The owner of the store, Nijja, was ready to work with me on the teal-green design for the size of clutch I wanted. I have to say, it looked better than what I had in mind, and the bride was happy.

This final clutch purchase only cost me a total of $34 (shipping included). Another great find!

Teal Wedding Inspirations

Teal-Green Flower Girl's Dresses

I never thought shopping for a wedding can be so time-consuming until it was time to buy the flower girl's dresses. I had several options of dresses to choose from, but not all came in the sizes that I wanted. I needed two, and most of the time, only one was available.

Coincidentally, while shopping for a pair of gold shoes for my mom, the mother of the bride on eBay, I stumbled upon a store that sells flower girl's dresses. I looked at a couple, and settled on one that's closest in style to the bride's wedding dress. She loved it too.

The only problem with the dress is the shade of teal-green was slightly off from that of the shoes and other accessories, but hardly noticeable except under certain lighting.

The flower girls dresses were very inexpensive. Both came with extra teal green sash which was incorporated into the bride's dress for added color.

Flower Girls Dress: Jade Teal Light Canary Yellow Flower Girl

Seller: My Kidstudio Inc - eBay

Both of the dresses cost $52.96 USD (shipping included). The smaller of the two was actually $2 less than the bigger. What a bargain!

Other Teal-Green Wedding Images

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Weddings In Nigeria

As with most Nigerian weddings, there's so much that goes into getting married. The ceremonies sometimes includes the traditional wedding(s), which requires separate preparation and celebration in an entirely different outfit, usually a traditional regalia with traditional accessories.

These ceremonies, which takes place a day or days before the church(white) wedding, are considered key ceremonies in recognizing the joining together of the couples. In most cases, if the traditional wedding requirements are not met, the church wedding will not take place.

This wedding was no exception. I will be sharing with you images and videos from the traditional aspect of this wedding. You'll get to see the bride and groom in their traditional regalia. It will be an enlightening experience. So stay tuned.


I do hope this hub has helped in your search of how you can have a teal-green and yellow wedding theme without paying too much. All Images used here are personal images of the writer and should only be used by permission.

Author: Comfort Babatola - © January 2014


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    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 3 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      @tirelesstraveler - Yes, it was. But I enjoyed every moment of it!

      I only get to do this once for her. So, I might as well do a good job at it.

      Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting! :)

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 3 years ago from California

      Love teal green. Coordinating the the wedding in Nigeria was quite a feat. Great work.

    • ComfortB profile image

      Comfort Babatola 3 years ago from Bonaire, GA, USA

      Thank you teaches12345! It was my pleasure, and I appreciate your comment and vote. Stay blessed.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      I love the colors of this wedding theme. What a vivid teal! Your photos of the actual wedding are so endearing. I loved the shoes! Thanks for sharing from a special moment in your life.