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Planting a Seed

Updated on January 26, 2011

Test everything

 Put the seed in the ground, now water it and watch it grow.  It seems simple enough... wait, look what is growing. Money.  It's a money tree!!! I can't believe my eyes!  I keep hearing someone say, "plant a seed and watch your finances grow."

I open my eyes, oh I'm in my bed  ... The tv is on and there is this man with a bald head telling whoever will listen about planting a seed.  He is saying it over and over again and talking about how if you plant the seed, the seed will grow and harvest alot of money.

This is a "minister", "pastor", television evangelist.  No wonder people are getting the wrong idea about christianity.  It's not about money.  All through the years I remember TV Evangelist

talking about how much money they have to make by a certain time.  Oral Roberts was one of them wasnt he?  He said that God told him that if he didnt get a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time that he would die.  I hear things that tv evangelist say all the time about how if we are sick it must mean that we are not doing something or believing in god the way we should .  I'm here to tell you that it is false. Jesus never promised us that we would be without sickness.  He never promised that we would be without problems.  He promised us that he would be there for us to lean on and turn to and trust in him that he would work things out.

i say that these tv evangalist that are claiming false things to lead people astray are going to have to pay for what they say and how they lead people.  God will hold them responsible. 

It gets me so angry and I look at all the material things that they have while people are struggling to make ends meet and living on a week to week basis and sometimes dont even have food. Instead of trying to get people to send them money , they should be doing things for people instead.  Is anyone with me on this?  Do you all see what I'm saying? 

My God who I worship is a God of Love and caring, he is also a God that is rightous and forbaring and forgiving.  He does not tolerate people that use his name in vain and neither do I. 

Many people are looking to "God" in their time of need right now, and these people look like they talk the talk and walk the walk, but really they are stroking their own ideals and not speaking the truth. 

Test everything you hear from the word of god.  The Bible, God's spoken word.  He spoke to us through this particular book.  He gave us free choice to believe or not believe.  With everything that is happening I believe that Jesus is coming back soon. I dont think I'm ready even though I'm trying to be.  If you are one of those people who are looking to find the truth, and listening to the tv evangelist out there,  please dont trust everything you hear.  Test it with the bible. New Testament would be good place to start.  To follow Jesus is not easy, it is not a cure all.  Some of the tv evangalist would have you think that. Or they are really good motivational speakers, but if they are not combining that with the word of God , that is just what they are ..  ,motivational speakers,, that wont get you to heaven.

Test everything you hear people...


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    • primpo profile image

      Primpo 5 years ago from Brooklyn, New York

      I'm tired of all the rhetoric.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      what a different hub a great share my friend :) up and interesting


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