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Please, tell me if you were created: Only you can confirm the theory of creation.

Updated on January 25, 2012

Only you can confirm the theory of creation

Please tell, if were you created: Only you can confirm the theory of creation.

Mercy!!! Please have mercy on us for your beauty held us captive yet we are glad to be your prisoners.

Beauty may be relative that is why people say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.” Some people see beauty in all things that is created while others see the ugly part of creation even among humans. Those, humans that are victims of the later may claim that God is bias in his creation since he chooses whom to bless with beauty and whom to deny such qualities. However, no matter how relative beauty can be, there are some beauties that can never be falsified; such beauty can never be denied. It is because of it that I wrote this, yes, she has an ethereal beauty, a beauty that can make men commit a holy adultery.

The story of creation can only be true if she was created because her beauty would confirm that God truly created woman at the last day of creation when he must had gain more skills and experience from the previous creations.

But I still wonder how she can be so perfectly created that is why; I asked if she was created. Maybe my friend and brother, William Shakespeare, saw same beauty when he exclaimed and penned, “My love you were not created, you are a portrait stolen from heaven.” The heavenly being, just like the Angels, are so beautiful and she fell among their class if not greater. That is why I wonder the part of the creation she belongs to. Was she created or is she part of the heavenly being that decided to dwell among men.

Please Mercy, will you have mercy on us and let the light of your beauty shine and highlight the works of creation?

Mercy were you created or are you a living portrait?

(This is dedicated to Women, just like other acts of creation, are wonderfully and beautiful made that they can confirm the beauty of creation).


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    • davidkaluge profile image

      davidkaluge 5 years ago

      Really lovely, King.

    • profile image

      Henry king 5 years ago

      Saniching and lovely!