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Polite ways to reject people's advances

Updated on September 6, 2009

Guys and girls that do not want to be hit on

 If you are a guy or girl and you find yourself getting hit on often and you are sick and tired of hearing cheap and cheesy pick up lines than you need to read this article. You will find polite ways to reject peoples' advances towards you and get your point across.

Read on for polite ways to reject people who hit on you or make you feel uncomfortable when they put moves onto you.

Ten polite ways to reject people

Below is a list of polite ways to reject people. You may not think some of these ways are polite but the person who does not want to be hit on has the right to do whatever they want and if they don't want to be hit on than these are certainly probably consider polite ways to reject one's advances.

1.) Walk away- That's right when someone is coming on too strong simply walk away, that's it.

2.) Interrupt them repeatedly- If someone is not getting the hit interrupt them by coughing, with fake hiccups, or saying anything. You get the idea.

3.) Tell them you are not single- Right away when someone is hitting on you too strong tell them you are not single right off the bat.

4.) Do not make eye contact- It's polite and rude at the same time too do this. People should get the point if you don't make any eye contact at all with them.

5.) Tell them you have to go to the bathroom- Tell the person who is hitting on you that you have to use the restroom and simply go somewhere else or go to the bathroom and stay in there for awhile.

6.) Tell them you have to run- It's as simple as that, tell them you have too "run" right at that very second.

7.) Don't give out your number- If someone who is hitting on you asks for your number don't give it to them. This should be a huge hint to them that you're not interested.

8.) Tell them you're not interested-At any point in the conversation you feel that you are not interested tell them you are not interested and that should get them too stop hitting on you.

9.) Do not take their number- If they ask you for your number tell them no and don't take their number if they try to give it to you.

10.) Ignore them- Ignore them, right from the start of the conversation all the way to the finish, simply ignore them and don't say even one word too them.

That's that

 It's as easy as that. People can sometimes come on way to strong and sometimes it's hard to be polite and say I got to go because some people are just way to persistent and can not take a hint. Well the above ways are polite ways to reject those kinds of people and their advances.


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