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Popular Fine Dining Restaurants in Santa Barbara

Updated on October 13, 2010

Restaurants in Santa Barbara, California

Recommended Fine Dining Restaurants in Santa Barbara

The City of Santa Barbara has tons of amazing restaurants to experience. Whether your looking for seafood, sushi, steak or some really good Chinese food. Santa Barbara has plenty to offer for those looking for a romantic fine dining experience, and plenty to offer when it comes to breweries and nightlife.

The scenery has plenty to offer as there are many restaurants that reside next to the ocean.  There is something about eating near the ocean really makes dining unique, and Santa Barbara has a beautiful ocean and harbor that caters to that unique experience.  With that being said, here are some restaurants that I recommend you check out if your looking to go out to eat in Santa Barbara, California.

My Favorite SeaFood Restaurants in Santa Barbara

Brophy Bros - Near the harbor, tucked away where all the boats are kept. Brophy Bro's is notorious for good seafood. The Mussels, oysters, clams, and calamari are all excellent choices. They also have a great tuna melt that is awesome if your looking to have lunch near the Santa Barbara Harbor.

Santa Barbara Shellfish Co - Located at the very end of the Santa Barbara Harbor. To Find the Santa Barbara harbor, just go all the way down state street until you get to shoreline. This is a smaller type of restaurant since its at the end of the harbor. But the seafood is as fresh as can be, and you can see how they prepare your meal too. Awesome lobster, crab and fish. I've always enjoyed this place for its unique atmosphere.

My Favorite Sushi Restaurants in SB

  • Arigato Sushi - Located at 1225 State Street in Santa Barbara California. Located on Upper State Street. Arigato Sushi has a great atmosphere, I would definitely consider it fine dining when it comes to sushi. The last time I ate here the service was great and the food was amazing.
  • Somethings Fishy Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar - Located at 500 State Street In Santa Barbara. Great location, great food at reasonable prices. I have eaten here many times and have no complaints.

Restaurants with Steak and Prime Rib

Holdrens Steak and Steak and Seafood - Located on 512 State Street. I've always heard good things about this restaurant, especially the steak. Its been recommended to me many times by many of the hotels in the Santa Barbara area. If your on State Street and your looking for steak and seafood, Holdrens has it.

Rodneys Steakhouse - Rodney's Steakhouse has been serving Santa Barbara for many years, they have amazing entrees, a great location, and a great atmosphere. Located in Santa Barbara on 633 East Cabrillo Blvd.

Lucky's Steakhouse - Located in Montecito. I've never eaten hear before, I've heard its pricey but I also hear that the atmosphere is very unique. Its in the heart of Montecito. Valet was available last time I checked. I have seen tons of beautiful cars pull in and out of Lucky's, so this restaurant appears to be high class.

Other Fine Dining Restaurants in SB

TRE LUNE - Located in Montecito at 1151 Coast Village Road. The wine list is excellent here, I've eaten here many times and have never been disapointed. The Salmon is amazing, there is a cute little patio for you to sit outside and breathe the fresh ocean air. There are plenty of amazing things to try on the menu when it comes to appetizers and entrees. I love the bread that they bring out before the meal because it comes with this olive oil based sauce. I'm actually not sure what it is, but it tastes amazing with the bread.


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    • profile image

      Samuel 7 years ago

      I've also eaten at Santa Barbara brewing co for casual stuff like cheeseburgers and fries. They have really good burgers, but not that much seafood.