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Post College Life

Updated on November 10, 2014

Some people feel that college is the best time of their life. They have freedom and could let loose. As to the kids who do not party they could maybe have more of a hard time fitting in. Life after college can be even better than life in college.

When kids graduate they are more focused on a career but they still have fun. Being wasted and hung over the next day is not as fun as it was back in college.

After college when you meet people they do not care how much you party. They care about who you are as a person and accept you the way you are. They do not try to change you or make fun of you because you have different values than them.

As you get older you realize that everyone is different and if you expected everyone to be the same than life could be lonely. Just because you like to party and someone does not, does not mean that they will not make a good friend. Their is more to life than partying. You could party with people who party and do other things with people who do not party like go to the movies.

Post College is where people really grow up and they see what the true meaning of friendship is. Life after college could even be better than life in college.

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